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Challenges Facing Sales Directors?

We appreciate that selling is tough. As the Sales Director of a mid-sized organisation, competition is often coming from every angle: from the industry giants, the agile indepedents and the online behemoths.


This puts pressure on selling product at full price and keeping your promises to your customers. Then there are international issues to contend with; multiple sales channels competing with each other and it taking too long for finance to report sales figures. Today's customers are only as loyal as their last positive interaction with the brand, so shopping really does need to be seamless whether it's over the phone, online or in-store.


Maginus has been a trusted supplier to your market for over 40 years and has experienced these issues before in over 100 technology implementations. Given our knowledge and expertise, we can help with the following challenges:


How do I prevent my multiple sales channels competing with each other?


Your customers don't care which channel they buy from - why should you?

Provide a consistent, high quality interaction between you and your customer whichever touch point they choose. Represent yourself as a single company and not competing channels. Personalise each interaction promoting only the appropriate products and services for that customer's needs. Stop the internal channel competition with transparent sales analysis that rewards everyone for a team approach to winning more sales.

How do I sell more products at full price and keep the promises I make to my customers?

We will provide you with all the tools you need to make this possible.

A correctly implemented ERP solution will deliver a single enterprise-wide view of inventory, coupled with an effective sales forecasting solution, all helping to reduce overstocking and the need to discount. 


Maginus are experts in order management - we regularly talk at industry events advocating best practice processes to enable you to fulfil customer orders efficiently.


We have been providing solutions to the industry that enable next-day delivery on millions of items a decade before Amazon thought of Prime.


We lead the technology advisory board for the UK Warehousing Association (UKWA) and are invited to regularly contribute to thought leadership articles for the IMRG (Interactive Media in Retail Group) and The BRC (The British Retail Consortium).

It takes too long for finance to report my sales figures


Why should you need to go to the finance team in the first place? That's old school and inefficient. Access to information should be made available to all, at anytime, wherever you are.

Maginus have recently completed sales reporting projects with our customers across a number of verticals including Drinks Distribution, Media Distribution and Health Products. These solutions act as a guide through their mass of data, our customers can now see the wood through the trees.

How do I maintain my retail price and profitability in the face of inflationary costs?


Cost savings need to be made somewhere and it should be recognised as a company wide problem. It can be solved with the implementation of technology with an approach that uses best practice processes to drive efficiency throughout the business.


If you choose the right ERP system for your type of business this becomes much easier. Aberdeen Group say that shorter projects and quicker ROI is achieved by selecting solutions specific to your market vertical, thus getting the benefit from templated solutions, pre-configured packages, best practice workflows and minimising customisation.


At Maginus we deliver tech, integration, support and advice to all our clients where we proactively share the best of what we know to help you stay ahead and keep costs down.



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