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Challenges Facing IT Managers


We 100% appreciate the day-to-day pressure that comes with being responsible for IT systems in your organisation. No-one notices or says anything when things are all working. Yet, everyone blames you when it all goes wrong.



How can I be confident that our data is secure?


Data breaches are real and dangerous. In this increasingly digitised economy, information is a highly valuable commodity. It must be protected to an ever-changing and robust standard. The responsibility to do so lies at the feet of the IT Director.


Currently, "three quarters of all firms say cyber-security is a high priority for Senior Managers and Directors." The consequences of not holding security in a high regard, can have disastrous consequences. What's more, getting data security 'right' is key to meeting GDPR and PCI SCC.

We understand that failure is not an option.


Keep Your Data Secure with a PCI Compliant Service Provider


At Maginus, we have already taken vigorous testing with a QSA (Qualified Security Assessor) and have been awarded a Certificate of Attestation.


IRM (Information Risk Management) were chosen as Maginus' QSA, with the assessor commenting that:


"Maginus sailed though the audit due to their readiness for the assessment and their dedication to the overall objective." 



Maginus customers can off-load their PCI compliance reponsibilities to us. Safe in the knowledge that their data will be hosted and protected to the latest compliance standards.




My business is a 24 hours a day, 7 days a week operation – Can I have 100% system availability?




Yes you can.



Maginus are accomplished at ensuring business critical applications are available all day, every day. Our credibility comes from managing business solutions and ecommerce web sites for high street retailers and with that the transaction loads from peak trading periods such as Black Friday and Christmas.




Managed Services 


How can I integrate my disparate systems?


Seamless integration remains one of the top three tech barriers of business growth. Integration of technology platforms and software is crucial within today’s omnichannel landscape. If done well, integration can provide your business with the flexibility to adapt and change as it grows - done badly and it will become a major bariier to growth, efficiency and your ability to provide excellent customer service.


Many omnichannel businesses have invested significantly in their IT infrastructure and don’t necessarily want to replace their whole infrastructure all in one go. Nor do we advocate that a throw-away and replace strategy is the right approach for everyone.


Maginus are experts at integrating multiple channels and technologies within omnichannel businesses. Having a powerful integration toolset and provenn integration expertise. Our partnership approach means that the team that starts with you stays with you. So there’s shared knowledge and understanding at every point. The combination of our integration platform, constructional techniques and experience allow us to replace existing interfaces with new solutions built the “right-way” for you, without resorting to massive disruptions to your entire IT landscape and day-to-day operations.

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