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Challenges Facing Finance Directors

From being the Chief Exec’s ‘right hand man’, keeping stakeholders happy, and more often than not being seen as the person who likes to say ‘no’. The role of the Finance Director is complex at the best of times.

We realise that your role is not always about number crunching, but involves strategic decision making - knowing when to invest and when to put the brakes on. With this in mind - here are just a few of the challenges we can help you overcome:



It Takes Weeks to Close My Month End


The barriers to a timely financial month end closure include; late order taking, expense collection, stock inaccuracies, ETC project accounting and slow departmental budgeting processes.

These are removed with today's cloud enterprise solutions.


All the business processes should be in real time (orders, stock movements, expenses, time collection) and a single database removes islands of information.


The cloud and mobile technology allows your employees to always be connected.



         Maginus OMS            


As we move towards becoming Omnichannel how do I redesign my operating model to maintain profitability?



The journey towards Omnichannel excellence does not begin and end with a satisfied customer - it begins and ends with profitability.



You will need to change your processes to accommodate smaller order quantities, an increase in returns, more frequent picking and more complex packing requirements and the need to meet challenging and changing delivery options.



Expect significant changes in the warehouse and how you manage your supply chain.



So where to start? Contact Maginus, we will compare your current approach with best practice and then make the appropriate recommendations. We will support you with services and solutions to meet your goals.


My CEO has asked that we get our ROI in less than 3 years for our ERP implementation. Is this possible?


Yes, but choose the right solution. Panorama Consulting suggest in their 2015 report that only 27% of ERP implementations get a pay back in less than 3 years. Aberdeen Group say that shorter projects and quicker ROI is achieved by selecting solutions specific to your market vertical. Thus getting the benefit from templated solutions, pre-configured packages, best practice work flows and minimising customisation.


Check out our approach to Wholesale and Distribution, B2B eCommerce and omnichannel retail solutions.


Our Approach

My business is a 24 hours a day, 7 days a week operation – Can I have 100% system availability?




Yes you can.



Maginus are accomplished at ensuring business critical applications are available all day, every day. Our credibility comes from managing business solutions and ecommerce web sites for high street retailers and with that the transaction loads from peak trading periods such as Black Friday and Christmas.




Managed Services 


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