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Challenges Facing CEOs

We know that the systems we develop and implement for our clients are only the start. They don’t run businesses – It’s the combination of Technology and internal ‘know-how’ that enables our clients’ businesses to operate effectively.





As CEO, we 100% appreciate the day-to-day pressure to ensure that your critical functions are operating efficiently, profitably and serving your customers well. Nobody says anything when things are going well, but everyone notices when things go wrong. Employees, fellow directors, owners, shareholders and customers – the buck stops with you. Using our technology and experience we can help you overcome the following challenges.



How can I keep up with changing customer behaviour?

It’s never been tougher to keep up with changing customer behaviours. Tomorrow’s retailers and distributors will be the ones that manage to make these experiences as pain-free, relevant and as convenient as possible.

If you’re unable to provide an omnichannel experience in your organisation, the result can be silos of information and a fractured response to your customers’ requirements.

At Maginus, we've been helping companies - particularly mid-sized businesses - solve these kinds of problems for years. Maginus take the stress and uncertainty off our customers’ shoulders through the provision of industry-specific solutions based on world-leading technology platforms, providing:

- One View of your Customers
- One View of your Inventory
- One View of your Orders

We have guided retailers and distributors through their omnichannel strategies with impressive results at organisations such as: Habitat, Smeg, Fortnum & Mason, The Co-operative Group, ERA Home Security and more.


We cover four key areas to help retailers and distributors stay ahead of the competition: Consultancy – Technology – Support – Advice .

My company is growing - when should I change my eCommerce or ERP System?

We appreciate that the path towards implementing a new enterprise IT system can be lengthy and expensive and not one to be trodden lightly. You therefore need to be sure that taking the first step will be worthwhile.


How Do You Know When You've Outgrown Your eCommerce Platform?

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10 Key Indicators that You've Outgrown Your ERP System

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How do I create a masterplan when most of my analysis is based upon gut feel and guess work?


You have a wealth of data in your business systems. The problem is that you can't get at it.

Data, insight and ongoing optimisation are everything - it's constant and marginal gains across the entire journey that add up to real rewards and ROI. It is true, data drives good decisions and facts provide insight.

Our Business intelligence tools will provide rich visuals for you to collect and organise data so that you can concentrate on what matters.

Maginus have implemented multiple business intelligence and data warehousing solutions across several verticals including: Drinks Distribution, Media Distribution and Health Products.

6 Ways to Justify a New ERP System to the Board

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What to Avoid When Implementing an Enterprise Solution

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Choosing an IT System for Omnichannel Retail

Choosing a new omnichannel retail solution can be a daunting task...Download this guide for tips to reduce risk throughout your selection process.


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