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Meet Growing Customer Expectations

Trade Counters (effectively B2B Stores) are an important element of the marketing mix for many B2B distributors, giving customers the opportunity to pick up urgent supplies rather than waiting for a delivery. 

Trade Counters are fundamentally different than B2C stores.  Like retail stores it’s important to have the right assortment of products, have real-time visibility of stock & access to promotions.  But, unlike retail stores they need to be able to handle customer specific pricing, yard sales, payment against account etc.


  • Gain Complete Visibility into Inventory and Improve Customer Service

    Our solutions deliver complete, real-time visibility into merchandise in stock as well immediate access to purchasing information and stock available in other stores or warehouse.

  • Experience Point-of-Sale Solutions that Expedite Purchasing

    Microsoft Dynamics AX Point-of-Sale (POS) and store management functionality supports a wide range of popular peripheral devices. Valuable customer information is captured, including purchase history. Store management tools include timekeeping, security policy and inventory. Boost sales and increase revenue by accelerating checkout while improving the overall buying experience with personalised customer service.

  • Enable True Cross-Channel Experience

    Our Omnichannel solutions give customers the ultimate flexibility to purchase and receive inventory in whatever channel they wish.  It also enables B2B distributors to efficiently and cost-effectively manage inventory and order processing across the channels – making the siloed channel approach, a thing of the past.

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