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Maximise Every Customer Interaction

The call centre is one of the first places a customer goes for issue resolution and customer service questions. It is also a profitable sales channel for B2B distributors.

Our solutions allow you to make the customer experience with the call centre as productive as possible by providing customer service representatives (CSR) with the information they need, quickly and easily, to ensure high customer satisfaction levels and maximise revenue opportunities. 

Complete visibility into customer data, as well as order and inventory status, is essential to deliver a complete, productive customer experience.  Our call centre and customer service capabilities provide CSR’s with quick and easy access to customer information, stock availability and order history enabling CSR’s to view real-time inventory levels and order status so they can accurately inform the customer regarding when to expect to receive merchandise or what merchandise is on hand based on what they wish to order.

  • Ensure No Revenue Opportunity is Missed

    Customer service teams can help drive additional revenue with every interaction. Scripting, hot messages, and images of product information help CSR’s to sell more. The system can also be configured to identify up-sell and add-on merchandise based on items ordered. CSRs can easily view this information to make relevant suggestions to the customer at the point of purchase.

  • Negotiate Prices whilst Maintaining Required Margins

    Many B2B distributors allow sales staff in the call centre to negotiate price, within defined margin and discount controls.  Our solutions help you to manage price negotiation effectively whilst ensuring that sales staff stay within the required margins for each product.

  • Controlling Multi-Contacts and Account Hierarchies

    Many B2B distributors deal with large, complex organisations.  Our solutions allow you to manage large customers with multiple delivery addresses where orders are placed from the individual delivery addresses, but invoices are sent to a central office.

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