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  • Meet Customer Expectations In-Store

    While consumers choose to buy via different channels, the bricks and mortar store still corners the market when it comes to a total shopping experience. Ensuring that customers consistently have a positive experience that will keep them coming back is a crucial, yet complex undertaking.

    Retailers need to have IT solutions in place that can help them to deliver the full multichannel experience in store.  It’s no longer enough to just have efficient POS systems that accelerate the checkout process, capture valuable customer information and offer store management tools including timekeeping, security policy and inventory.

    Maginus offers great POS capabilities, but we can also help you to give your store staff accurate information on information such as stock availability across your estate, help them to improve customer service with queue busting mobile technology and the following range of capabilities:

  • Click & Collect

    Allow customers to order online for same day in-store collection.

  • Manage Returns In-Store

    Manage returns from orders placed via other channels e.g. online, catalogue, call centre.

  • Multichannel Gift Vouchers

    Allow your customers to purchase and use gift vouchers across different sales channels.

  • Kiosks

    Offer customers access to further product information such as stock availability, access to your eCommerce site and the ability to order in-store for home delivery.

  • Mobile

    Use mobile devices such as tablets & iPads in-store to better serve your customers. Allow store staff to check inventory without leaving the customer’s side, provide them with detailed product information or allow them to make a transaction without having a customer wait in the queue for check-out.