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Create a Better Shopping Experience

The catalogue is still an important part of the marketing mix for many retailers. Increasingly retailers are sending out smaller, more segmented catalogues to specific segments of the customer and prospect database. Retailers typically experience increased traffic to the web site, footfall in the stores and calls into the call centre following a catalogue drop.

  • Track Performance of Pricing and Promotions

    Promotion management provides functionality for setting up and managing promotions, including catalogue source codes and targets. Source codes tie together the offer code and the target code. This allows marketers to know where an order came from and which mailer generated the sale (the target). You can associate a promotion to the page of a catalogue and track the performance for reporting and comparative analysis in real-time.

    In addition, analysis can be done against items ordered from offers within the catalogue or web page for example, analysis can be done on page costs in relation to sale by the page, and you can compare your budgeted cost against the actual costs.

    Square inch analysis (squinch) reports can be generated to determine if product placement is adequate in relation to the items sales.

  • Improve Merchandise Planning

    Retailers, particularly those with a high volume, seasonal or dynamic merchandise mix, require enhanced visibility to make more timely business decisions to more cost-effectively manage supplier relationships.

    Merchandising functionality delivers the visibility necessary for successful planning, while also streamlining the tracking and management of merchandising activities.

    Simplifying the management of campaigns, inventories, pricing, cost, and discounts lets you become more responsive to opportunities and changes within the marketplace, whilst also streamlining the tracking and management of merchandising activities.

    Managing marketing and merchandising promotional processes makes creating multichannel promotions to reach new and existing shoppers easier.

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