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eCommerce Hosting

It is critical that your online store is available around the clock. If your website fails you are likely to experience an influx of customer complaints placing a strain on your call centre, lost orders, customers that never return and ultimately brand damage.

When you sell your products online, your online store rapidly becomes a key component of your business and provides not only a revenue stream that boosts sales, but also a shop window for your entire business. For many retailers, the online storefront becomes one of their biggest stores, and for B2B distributors it becomes an invaluable customer service tool.

Too many ISP's and hosting companies do not understand the demands and pressures of online businesses and as a consequence are not able to add any value over and above simply providing a server for your use. At Maginus, we are used to providing mission critical systems to retailers and distributors, both in the back office and online. We understand the challenges that you face - challenges like seasonal peaks, spikes in demand caused by promotional activity, and the importance of keeping your applications, not just the hardware, running efficiently. As a result, we set out to design a managed eCommerce hosting service that meets your business needs and gives you peace of mind so that you are free to get on with the business of making money from your online store.

From the outset, our experienced technical experts will work with your to understand your business and design a platform that will provide the resilience and scalability you need. We will then work with you, and your application providers to manage the installation of your new hosted platform and ensure a smooth cut over. This is the beginning of a partnership that continues to add value to your business once you are Live on our hosted platform. By working together, with Maginus as your service provider, we are able to ensure that your hosted infrastucture is never a constraint in your plans. The closer your work with us, the better the result. By working as a trusted partner, we can ensure that your systems are always ready for the challenges  that you throw at it, whether that be a seasonal peak, a promotional sale, opening up new territories or coping with your successful growth.