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Back Office Hosting


As a multichannel retailer or distributor your business is totally reliant upon the availability of back office systems in order to continue trading. But managing the hardware platform upon which back office ERP & OMS relies is something that many businesses no longer wish to carry the cost of doing themselves. Instead many prefer to save valuable resource and money which can be directed elsewhere.

Our back office solutions - Dynamics AX and Maginus OMS are designed with resilience in mind. However, with increasing functionality of back office solutions and deeper integration with peripheral solutions such CRM, the web, payroll, switchboards, warehouse systems and office productivity tools, the infrastructure management task has become a growing challenge.

Maginus have been designing and delivering resilient ERP & OMS infrastructure platforms for over 20 years now, and in that time have developed a unique understanding of what our customers expect in terms of availability, resilience and scalability from their back office applications. We have used that knowledge to create a managed hosting service designed specifically for customers that need high levels of resilience and scalability from their platforms but don't want to carry the cost of doing it themselves.

Maginus' Managed Hosting service for back office applications provides a degree of resilience and availability that would be prohibitive to most end users if they wanted to provide it in-house. By taking into account the unique requirements of your business, including data and transaction volumes, user counts, usage profiles and integration with your existing infrastructure, our technical architects will design and build a hardware infrastructure platform that will meet your requirements well into the future, and then project manage the delivery right through to Go Live.

Once Live, your hosted application will be accessible in a way that is transparent to your user community so that they won't even be aware that the infrastructure is not on site.  As a business you will benefit from greater resilience and availability and replace capital expenditure on hardware, overheads and technical training budgets with a single monthly service fee.