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Fast-Paced Wins the Race

The whole eCommerce space is fast-moving, with expectations and demands changing and increasing all the time. What works in today’s world may not be what’s needed tomorrow.

We appreciate the day-to-day pressure to keep up with the changing demands and needs of your “always-on” consumer. Only those agile enough to respond can fully realise the opportunity that eCommerce offers. We can provide everything you need to build, manage and personalise every experience to maximise your impact online.

  • Agile & Innovative B2C eCommerce Solutions

    Our B2C eCommerce solution is a omnichannel, mobile-first solution that nurtures visitors throughout the entire customer journey. Not just at the point of purchase.

    Our B2C eCommerce solutions are built with the agile marketer in mind. We offer all the tools you need to deliver a best-in-class shopping experience, so your customers can shop with you the way they expect.

  • Intelligent search experience

    With smart search and navigation functionality, including auto-complete, search results based on behaviour and faceted navigation; your visitors can find what they want easily and intuitively.

  • Real time personalisation

    Comprehensive and advanced personalisation to deliver targeted and relevant content on the fly.

  • Fast, targeted, behavioural merchandising

    Spend less time finding the right products and more time personalising your offers to maximise your conversion. The “self-learn” mechanism automatically generates personalised recommendations based on behavioural data.

  • Social sharing, in one place

    Increase your brand engagement, traffic and loyalty through Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter. Save valuable time by managing and co-ordinating your social presence within the same interface.

  • Integrated, on-page analytics

    Our on-page analytics lets you see page performance, adding insight and context within the content creation process. Making it easier to discover areas of friction and proactively adjust your content for better conversions.

  • Need for Speed in Modern Marketing:

  • Content and Commerce

    Our platform combines content and commerce, built with a world-class CMS and full suite of digital marketing tools without the need for further development.

  • Dashboard for cross-channel insights

    Our dashboard aggregates site information and highlights cross-channel insights to gain a complete view of campaign performance.

  • Seamless Integration

    Maginus are integration experts. We ensure integration with your CRM, back-office systems and ERP/OMS platforms to deliver a seamless, omnichannel experience.

  • Fast & lean

    You can quickly launch multiple websites and start earning profits. You can also create a component and re-use these across multiple pages, brands and channels. Accelerating your time to market and reducing development costs.

  • Mobile-first commerce

    Every piece of content you create is automatically optimised for PC, mobile and tablet. We give you the flexibility to edit, preview and personalised your mobile content by customer segment, context and device.

  • Flexible & Agile for Cross-Border eCommerce:

  • Manage multiple markets, languages and currencies

    Rapidly deploy and manage multiple B2B sites within a single platform. Sell across your markets using one catalogue and adapting product and marketing information and localising languages, currencies and payment types.

  • Optimise your content for different regions

    Sell under different brands with one catalogue by adapting product range and marketing information for each to deliver a personalised brand experience.

  • See what your customers see

    Gain full control of the customer experience at brand or local level. Gain access to market or brand performance and optimise for regional sales.

Our eCommerce Solutions


Magento is one of the most popular eCommerce and CMS platforms in the world. Maginus work with fast-growing organisations that are looking for a flexible commerce platform that can scale as your business needs change.


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Maginus are an Episerver Premium Partner in the UK. If you’re seeking an enterprise-level eCommerce solution that seamlessly combines content and commerce, Episerver can take you to the next level.


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Seamless Shopping, Simply Created

The pure-play online retailer has a distinct advantage over omnichannel businesses; they are able to react quickly to market demands, they have the ability to change prices and promotions with speed, and get on-trend and seasonal items retailing with agility. However, competition from the high street is getting fierce – with many retailers making significant investments in eCommerce with the aim of providing a truly omnichannel experience.


Trust in Maginus to help you through your growing pains, after all, we help new and established retailers alike. Discover how we can provider a seamless shopping experience – wherever your customers want to buy.

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