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Project Rescue & Recovery


Unfortunately, choosing a partner that doesn't have in-depth experience of your sector or insufficient resource to deliver can result in projects that under-deliver. Fortunately, whilst failure is still too common – it can be recovered.

We have proven experience in re-energising stalled projects or ones that aren’t reaching their full potential,  we can help you meet your project goals through re-planning, effective project management, expert consultancy, re-training or through the use of new modules.

Outline a Clear Set of Goals

Before a remedial project gets underway, it’s vital to gain a clear consensus as to what success looks like to you. We will visit you on site to get to know your users, processes and pain-points. This will give us an idea of the problems that need to be solved, what’s working and what needs attention.


Gaining a clear set of goals makes it easier to narrow down the business processes involved from day one. Enabling us to understand where best to optimise your current technology solutions.

This step is vital - without a clear vision of success, the end point will become a moving target.

Conducting an Audit & Detailed Plan


We can provide several levels of analysis to suit your needs: From a quick overview of health-checks to in-depth analysis of your business processes, technical and architectural analysis.


We’re probably stating the obvious when we say that outlining a detailed plan is an essential part of a successful implementation. However, more often than not, the plan is unrealistic and not detailed enough. To be a strong plan it needs to clearly outline the requirements, people involved to carry out the work, and should be detailed enough that a knowledgeable person can look at the plan and visualise the scope of work. It should allocate enough time – usually in blocks of a few days or weeks at a time. With enough time in between for testing and bug-fixing.


Until you have a thorough plan, you won’t really know the impact on the project in terms of time, costs and resource. Or indeed have an accurate idea of when the project will go-live.  We can help you plan and visualise a strategy that can get your ERP, OMS or eCommerce implementation back on track.

Proven Implementation Methodology


We can help you meet your ambitious project expectations through the delivery of training, small developments, systems configuration or through the complete re-implementation (or implementation of add-on modules).


Once everyone is on board with the proposed strategy, we’ll get to work on creating these solutions backed up with detailed documentation and project governance to ensure the process is as smooth as possible.


At Maginus, our implementation approach prioritises: Rapid configuration, on-going testing, limiting the amount of customisations and associated costs.  For more information on our implementation approach click here.


On-going Maintenance & Support

Once your new solution is live, it’s important to invest in on-going maintenance and support to ensure you continue to gain the maximum benefit from your technology investment. We can provide a comprehensive support and maintenance strategy to support you as your business grows and needs to adapt to the changing demands of the marketplace.


We also offer flexible support options from standard to 24x7 packages so you’re able to support staff at different seasonal peaks when additional resources may be required.


If your ERP, order management or eCommerce solution isn’t doing what it says on the tin, or if you working relationship with your current partner is strained, we may be able to help get things back on track.

Get in touch today to find out how we can help you optimise your technology investment.


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