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Managed Hosting Services

We have a range of services where we manage our customers systems for them so they can concentrate on the thing they do best – running their business.  This allows our customers to choose a solution that best fits their requirements, there isn’t a ‘one size fits all’ model. 


The one thing all of our services do all have in common is they provide secure system access - 24x7x365, flexibility in peak trading periods and takes away the requirement for expensive internal resource to manage systems.

Public Cloud

Our ‘public cloud’ allows us to manage our customers’ applications or storage on a shared server or ‘multi-tenanted’ basis.  This offers a low cost, zero maintenance, scalable solution that can be ‘turned up’ during peak trading periods. Customers pay for the band width they use on a PAYG model which means it’s very cost effective for companies with high peaks at certain times of the year – pre-Christmas for example.

Private Cloud

Our ‘Private Cloud’ Service has all the benefits of the Public Cloud but in a single tenanted environment which can be tailored to the specific needs of the customer. This option is often chosen by customers whose Corporate Governance won’t allow business critical data to be held in a Public Cloud, where they have lots of projects or more specific requirements.

Fully Managed On Premise Infrastructure

Some customers prefer to have their infrastructure on premise. For these customers we offer fully managed infrastructure as a service but installed at their premises. The infrastructure is constantly monitored and managed by our highly trained staff.

Dedicated Hosted Infrastructure

This is a fully bespoke service. Maginus’ highly trained staff analyse our customers current and likely future requirements and build a hosted infrastructure solution to meet customers’ objectives.

Business Continuity


Business Continuity is all about ensuring that an organisation's critical business functions and business platforms will either continue to operate despite serious incidents or disasters or will be recovered within a pre-defined period. We complete a comprehensive risk assessment at the end of which we understand our customers’ requirements around resilience, disaster recovery and contingency requirements.  This allows us to build an infrastructure that will deliver the required SLA’s.

Data Backup


Our data backup services give our customers confidence that whatever they want to recover – whether it’s a ‘bare metal’ restore to a new server, a single file restore, multiple versions of a single file restore or just a single email – it’ll be there. To deliver this service we have secure, IP based backups which are mirrored to 2 geographical locations in Europe. For the techies out there, it’s a 256 bit AES encrypted real time continuous backup.

Proactive Monitoring & Remote Diagnostics


This service ‘does what it says on the tin’. We have a flexible, monitoring system which allows us to monitor different metrics for different customers based upon our discussions with them to identify their requirements. This proactive monitoring allows us to identify some issues before they happen, so they can be resolved before they cause a problem, or to get immediate notice if an unexpected issue arises, so it can be resolved as quickly as possible.

  • What our customers like about Managed Services: 


  • Great value for money

     The PAYG model for Infrastructure as a Service means our customers only pay for what they use and can turn the bandwidth up during peak periods

  • Flexibility

    The flexibility means they can easily manage the extra volumes around peak trading periods

  • Takes away the worry

    They can concentrate on running their business, whilst we manage the infrastructure rather than worrying about the latest cyber attack etc

  • Security

    It’s secure and ‘always on’

Maginus Data Centre Facility Specification

We operate our own 3000 sq ft facility in Reynolds House. For more information, download our overview of the Data Centre features, infrastructure and specification.

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