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Think Integration Doesn't Matter? Think Again.

We appreciate that one of the greatest challenges facing businesses today is the ability to rapidly handle growing amounts of data in their IT systems. This is why integration remains one of the biggest tech challenges and barriers to online growth (Technology for eCommerce Survey Report, 2016 & 2017, eConsultancy).

Integration is crucial within today’s retail (and distribution) landscape. If done well, integration can provide your business with the flexibility to adapt and change as it grows - done badly and it will become a major barrier to growth.

Maginus are experts at integrating the different channels within your business to help you achieve omnichannel excellence.

Many omnichannel businesses have invested significantly in their IT infrastructure and do not necessarily want to replace it all in one go. Others do not want the disruption and risk of replacing their whole infrastructure in one "Big Bang" and therefore need to integrate elements of their existing infrastructure and new systems as they are rolled out. By having a powerful integration toolset and a partner that is expert in integrating multiple technologies you gain the major advantage of being able to replace your legacy solutions in a step-by-step manner.

In this video, Martin Pickering, Technical Director at Maginus highlights the importance of an integration strategy.

Adapt & Thrive

Integration tools should be adaptable, allowing you to create and manage any type of integration service without the need for traditional coding and restrictions in functionality. Changes should be easy to make at any time, and changes should, of course, only have to be made in one place. For this reason Maginus uses an integration platform from iCore Solutions.

Integration platforms make your company more flexible and adaptable. It exposes the bottlenecks in your business processes and ensures that data is available in the right place, at the right time. You will be better equipped to handle growth and organisational changes, and you will have the tools required to follow the latest digital trends.

Reduce Costs

With iCore Integration Suite, you can create solutions with a modular structure which increases the level of reuse and minimises development time. Our solution packages let you quickly set-up and configure advanced integration functionality. There is no need to replace your old systems – connect them to iCIS instead and let our integration engine convert, enrich and transfer your data. Having an integration platform also makes it easier to estimate the cost of integration projects, which are often a significant part of a company’s total IT costs.

Take Control of your IT Systems

Wouldn’t it be great if an IT system, once implemented, worked perfectly forever and required no maintenance? However, we all know this is not how it works in real life.

Using iCore Solutions means that Systems can easily be updated and adapted to new business requirements - without interrupting the business processes running in the production environment.

iCore Integration Suite provides the tools required to take control of your information flows. The built-in tracking and alarm functionality in iCIS alerts you when something goes wrong and directs you to the source of the problem. Once the error has been corrected you can continue the process flow where it was interrupted – there is no risk of missing information or getting the same information twice.

Improve Customer Service

Using iCore Integration Suite you can open up your data streams to the entire organisation and combine insights across departments which can do wonders to provide high-quality, consistent customer service. You can provide your customers and business partners with accurate, up-to-date information about inventory, orders and deliveries. With the administrative tools included in iCIS, you can track the progress of your data flows at all times, and anticipate problems before they occur.

“The benefits we’ve seen with iCore is the structure and how the data is transformed, then passed between systems. I haven’t got a bad thing to say, it’s very easy to highlight where problems occur and put permanent fixes in place. It not only provides a tool where you can continually improve and challenge current processes, it's going to de-risk our Dynamics AX implementation.”

– Simon Day, The Royal Mint

The Royal Mint:
iCore Integration


Simon Day from The Royal Mint shares his experience of implementing our Systems Integration solution (iCore) with Maginus.

The Royal Mint:
Working with Maginus


 Simon Day at The Royal Mint shares his experience of working with Maginus at our recent user conference.

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