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Social Media Management Services

Social media in today’s digital landscape is no longer optional but is a growing necessity to keep up to date with demanding online users. The core social media platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and more recently the likes of Instagram and Pinterest are growing by the day.

Build a Branded Community That Thrives

Social media marketing is about the efficient distribution of your content across social media allowing you to engage and connect with your audience. Social media is open to everyone allowing brands to extend their reach, potentially generate new traffic and build brand awareness.   Social platforms give you an ideal opportunity to find out what customers really think about your brand and helps break down the communication barrier. Independent research shows that the financial performance of brands that use social media in conjunction with other marketing channels saw increased revenues and profit.    

We Are Big Believers in Creative, High Quality Content

We are big believers in creative, high quality content - social media users love it and so does Google. Whilst quality content can cause links back to your site, create a buzz and spark user-generated content it's important to remember that the social landscape is about fully engaging users and making sure you treat visitors as more than just consumers of content or supporters of your marketing agenda. Investing in subject specific content that's interesting and relevant to your industry helps you to boost traffic.

"Digital & Wise (part of Maginus) seemed the natural choice for us. It was important for us to find an agency that had a good grasp of our brand and the way our business works from the start. We would recommend them to anyone looking for some creative inspiration and online marketing advice." - Yuki Shimahara, Aisin Europe, Toyota Home Sewing





Becoming an "Influencer"

Content marketing in the form of thought leadership that lets you become an “influencer” in your field: this could be in the form of articles, white papers, video, high quality imagery, info graphics etc. If you invest in intellectual property such as content marketing, this is an asset that can build your credibility and benefits other aspects of your business.

Fuel the "Word of Mouth" Machine

If a company doesn’t know what’s being said then it can’t influence or react to it. In the same vein, when prospects make a buying decision, people are less likely to listen to what companies say about their products or services. Reviews are a great way to listen, engage and provide credibility – all of which help to turn prospects into customers.

Strategic Social Media Management

Whether you need a branded blog, social platform or strategy, we can set you up to take advantage of your social hub. Our experienced team keep up to date with the latest in social media trends and can provide guidance on the best route for you. We offer strategic consultancy for social media management and monitoring. Here are a few areas we can help you with:

  • Creative Design to create a branded social platform (Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest) and microsites

  • Content marketing and link syndication

  • Social media management CMS technology: We work with best of breed partners so you have access to the best tools to manage your social platform.

  • Integration - We are able to integrate with leading third party review, feedback, analytics, measurement and monitoring tools for your reporting data.