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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Search Engine Optimisation (aka organic or “natural” search) is one of the key foundations for successful visibility online. An appealing design and award-winning products can get you far, but without a consistent flow of traffic you’re unlikely to see significant growth in visits and therefore sales online.

SEO Search Engine Marketing


Search engine optimisation (SEO) is a long term process which aims to improve the visibility of your web pages within the likes of Google and other search networks. SEO is much more complex than paid search, and for this reason SEO doesn’t happen overnight.

Users tend to prefer natural search results rather than paid advertising - search networks make it their goal to present the most relevant information to users for every search term. More than half of all internet users search at least once a day (eConsultancy, 2010). In 2010, the worldwide search market had more than 131 billion searches from home or work. This equates to 4bn searches a day, that’s a significant 2.9 million searches a minute.

The internet is a huge market-place that can help bring valuable customers to your digital doorstep. It’s likely that your competitors may be investing in SEO even if you aren’t, so it’s important to ensure you don’t let competitors rank higher for your products or services. Competition for keywords can be high but the challenge of coming on page 1 should not deter you, as lower position can still bring you traffic and will improve your overall website: SEO doesn’t only improve the visibility or findability of your site, SEO forces you to focus on your sales messages, improving usability and fulfilment paths.

Satisfied customers, ones that find pages relevant to what they’re searching for means improved customer satisfaction and more repeat business. We have the expertise to help you achieve a prominent position for relevant keywords for your business and provide an SEO strategy worthy of investment.

Keyword Research

Finding relevant, un-tapped opportunities is not a complicated science but an art, choosing the right keywords is just the start. In the initial stages we explore your core sales messages, products and the potential searching behaviour of your audience. This stage ensures we have explored the most beneficial keywords for your business along with any un-tapped opportunities - When we have a thorough understanding of your business objectives, top-performing products and priorities we work closely with you to build a keyword strategy that is both realistic and profitable for your bottom line.

On Page Content

As part of the initial phase we carry out an audit of your site to ensure there are no technical barriers that may negatively impact on our SEO efforts. We work with your to start optimising your on-page mark-up naturally and effectively (looking at meta-descriptions, titles tags, URLs and your on-page content).

Quality Content Marketing

We are big believers in quality content, internet users love it and so does Google. Investing in quality, subject specific content helps you to boost your SEO strategy by getting relevant links back to your site. A realistic strategy supported by on-page optimisation, link-building and content creation makes being seen in prime-positions possible. Investing in content marketing is an asset that benefits other  aspects of your business as well as your rankings.