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Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising

Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising is a great way to present your website against targeted keywords within search engines and gain immediate increases in traffic. Unlike SEO, PPC gives you your ROI as soon as it’s set up.

PPC advertising can work well for bidders because it is highly targeted and appears at a time when consumers are actively searching for a particular product, service or query. For this reason it can provide excellent results. We are able to provide consultancy to help manage your expectations and make sure you don’t spend more than you planned.

Keyword Strategy

Finding relevant, untapped opportunities is not a complicated science but an art, choosing the right keywords is an important start to your PPC campaigns. In the initial stages we explore your core sales messages, products and the potential searching behaviour of your audience. This stage ensures we have explored the most beneficial keywords for your business and budget. When we have a thorough understanding we work closely with you to build a keyword strategy that is both realistically and profitable for your bottom line.


Budget Control

Paid advertising is demand driven and therefore it’s important to keep an active eye on the budget. Ads are placed according to a bidding system, the higher the amount you are willing to pay per click the more likely your ad will be displayed. However, the biggest bidder is not always guaranteed the top position as there are other factors to consider. The cost per click will vary widely dependent on the keywords you target, but remember no clicks = no fees. We ensure all elements of your ad variations are optimised to generate the highest conversion rates without going over your budget.

Dedicated Account Management

Your account manager will be your first point of contact, who will work closely with you throughout the whole process from education, the initial planning strategy and reporting. Every member of our team has a full spectrum of knowledge within eCommerce and digital marketing and are able to see the full picture of your online activity.

Active Campaign Monitoring

PPC is a digital channel that requires proactive ad monitoring and optimisation. As part of our full-service management we will actively monitor and optimise your campaigns to ensure the best results. Our activities include: key phrase analysis, daily campaign monitoring and bid reviews. We can help make the most from your marketing spend by refining your audience through exact match, geographic location and total daily budget. As standard, we will report activity to you on a weekly basis and carry out performance reviews every quarter.