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Think Email is Dead? Think Again.

Email marketing is a well-established form of marketing that still plays one of the most important roles in your digital marketing strategy.  Batch and blast emails that bombard your customers with irrelevant messaging are less likely to achieve a solid ROI. 

Our goal is to get to know your customers and prospects, and leverage their behaviour and preferences, we create compelling email campaigns that are relevant, engage and convert. We go beyond simple broadcasting and think about your customers’ online journey. We design emails that are a welcome addition to the inbox and less like spam!

Email Marketing works. In 2012, 81% of companies that do regular testing for email marketing say their ROI from email is “excellent” or “good”. (Source: eConsultancy)

Campaign Management

Our goal is to make complex email marketing simple – providing a full management service, this includes campaign planning and strategy, email design, build, project management, testing, broadcast services and reporting.  Emarsys is our preferred email marketing solutions which we use to provide full campaign management for our clients.

Emarsys is one of the largest providers of email, mobile and social marketing automation solutions in the world. Sending over 50 billion emails each year on behalf of over 1000 blue chip clients such as eBay, Volvo, Garmin, Sky, 3M, Swiss Airlines, Zurich and TimeOut.

Every business is unique, we provide a strategic campaign plan for each of our clients based on their unique email challenges and goals. We believe in thinking about your email database on an individual level is the key to successful email marketing.

Data Capture Consulting

Data management is an important part of email marketing. We support your data acquisition by suggesting solutions for effective data capture points within your website landing pages. We help you develop the most effective ways to grow your database; from targeted competitions, social signups and more.

Testing & Optimisation

We are able to test and examine the influence of various factors within the email on your subject lines, open rates and click through rates. We test and analyse designs that are tailored for different groups, behavioural activity and lifecycles. Over time these optimisation strategies help to improve customer satisfaction and have a direct impact on your bottom line.


As part of our full service management we provide monthly reports that outline vital statistics that measure your email activity including the number of visits to your website, number of sales and your ROI.

Account Management

You will have a dedicated account manager who will project manage your campaign and be your main point of contact. We think continuity is important so we assign the same people to your project from the initial strategy workshops right through to broadcast.