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Creative Design & Usability

It can be surprisingly difficult to implement creative design that truly impacts on your bottom line, but with over 10 years in the eCommerce industry we know that there needs to be a balance between aesthetically pleasing "look and feel" and design that converts.

Creative Design Team

Usability is Critical to the Success of any Online Business

The key to successful usability is website design that’s easy to use, intuitive and takes into consideration what users really need. We take the time to listen and work with your team to understand your products, culture and business plans to ensure your design meets the needs of both the business and the end-user simultaneously.

We Consider your Target Audience at Every Step

Our methodologies and techniques take into consideration your user's capabilities, goals and level of involvement depending on their situation (e.g. nationality, language barriers, stress levels, varying abilities and confidence when interacting with your site etc).

When focusing on user-goals, we create wire frames that aim to connect user behaviour with functionality. The end-goals inform the information requirements that need to be addressed in order to achieve a high-level of usability. The most successful results are achieved when the user is involved throughout different stages of the design process either through direct feedback, forums and user testing. Visual mock-ups combined with live user testing ensures that we create commercially persuasive and technically exact design that converts.


"It was important for us to find an agency that had a good understanding of our goals as a business. We needed to trust that they could carry out our creative vision and build a strong brand presence. They have succeeded in getting the ‘look and feel’ we wanted. We are extremely happy with the outcome."
Diane Porter The-Co-Operative Electrical