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Customer Support


The Service Desk is an important element of the Partnership between Maginus and our customers. We understand that our solutions are at the heart of our customers’ business. When there’s an issue they need a single point of contact and the confidence that their issues will be dealt with promptly and professionally.


Our trained professionals have many years’ market specific experience which means they understand any underlying business issue so they can suggest the best resolution for that issue - they don’t just focus on the software. 

With multiple support packages to choose from Maginus customers select the level of support that best fits their own business needs.


Transition from Implementation to Ongoing Support

To ensure a smooth transition from implementation to on-going support, Service Desk staff are involved in the final stages of the implementation process so they fully understand the solution and have the opportunity to meet and build a relationship with the customer.  Equally, when the solution is live the Implementation Project Team will continue to be involved in issue resolution to ensure the smooth transfer of knowledge continues.


Multiple Access Points

For the majority of Maginus customers, the start of their support experience is the Maginus Support Portal. This is where registered users can log new incidents and track the progress of existing incidents 24x7.  But, the Service Desk also handles issues by telephone, email and the automated monitoring systems we use on all our customer servers.


Automated Monitoring

Support isn’t just about responding to customer issues, it’s important to be proactive and identify potential issues before they cause our customers a problem. That’s why we offer a range of automated monitoring services which typically measures around 20 metrics but can handle up to 80. A simple display allows Maginus Support staff to quickly identify potential issues which can often be resolved before they actually cause a problem. This is a service that can be modified to specific customer requirements, so the number of measures will be discussed with the customer, the thresholds agreed, reporting requirements etc.

Pragmatic Approach

As part of our Partnership approach we don’t take a black and white view of support.  Our staff are encouraged to take the time to understand the underlying business issue, to identify how our customers can get more from our solutions and to handle "how do I do" type questions. 


Knowledge Base

We have a constantly evolving Knowledge Base that customers can access 365 days a year.  This has been built up over many years and continues to develop, based on our analysis of recent incidents.


Key Metrics

We constantly monitor our Service Levels to ensure that we’re offering our customers a great service. Inbound telephone calls are typically answered in 30 seconds, the majority of incidents picked up within an hour and incidents classified as Priority A, B or C with strict SLA's regarding time taken to respond and resolve the issue.


3rd Party Products - Covered

Extension of the support portal to not only cover Maginus products but all incumbent applications so that Maginus becomes your company-wide internal support service.

  • What our Customers Like About the Maginus Service Desk:

  • Friendly, knowledgeable staff

  • Stability of the team means support staff really get to know our customers

  • Our Proactive Approach

  • Service packages can be designed to meet specific customer requirements