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The Partner Of Choice For Retail And Distribution Technology

 Our approach to service starts with listening to our customer’s needs, assessing the most appropriate solution and concludes by working collaboratively to deliver the new technology infrastructure.


Delivering a new business solution and achieving your key business objectives is rarely just about choosing the right software platform. Choosing the right implementation partner is equally important to help you to implement solutions that will enable you to execute your business strategy, now and in the future, without being inhibited by technology.

We believe the only way to successfully achieve this goal is to build a strong partnership with our customers. In fact, many of our customers have worked with Maginus for 10 years or more. To ensure a successful technology implementation our staff have many years’ industry experience with skills sets stretching from eCommerce, Order Management, Back Office, Call Centre, POS, Hosting to Digital Marketing Services. This industry knowledge, combined with our in-depth product knowledge ensures that we deliver solutions that meet your business objectives within industry and technology best practice.

Our methods are based upon our company values. This means that the objectives of our team are based upon understanding your strategic aims and business challenges, honest advice and plain English in order that we can work alongside you as a trusted partner for the long term.

We offer a wide range of services - Implementation, Project Management, Development, Training, Infrastructure Management, Service Desk and Digital Services – which help us to deliver successful solutions time after time.

What Can We Do for You?

New Projects

Implementing a new technology project can be a time-consuming and complex task that many customers will be unfamiliar with. With numerous potential pitfalls to contend with, it is vital to work with an experienced partner that has a proven, implementation methodology. Our mission is to become a long term partner helping you make the most from your investment.


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Rescue & Project Recovery

We have years of experience recovering projects from a failing state or aren’t reaching their full potential. We can help you meet your ambitious project expectations via the delivery of training, small developments, systems configuration or the implementation (or re-implementation) of add-on modules.


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Other Services