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Microsoft Dynamics 365


An Elastic Platform


Stretch. Flex. Connect.


Only pay for what you use - a single solution that stretches across ERP, CRM and Office functionality, flexes to cope with peaks in trading and connects your business across the globe. 


The Change from Microsoft Dynamics AX


Dynamics 365 was developed as Microsoft’s next generation enterprise cloud solution that offers maximum flexibility and scalability in this age of digital transformation. Dynamics 365 eradicates the need for standalone solutions such as Microsoft Dynamics AX, NAV and CRM.

Instead, with Dynamics 365, CRM and ERP capabilities are unified into applications across sales, customer service, field service, operations, financials, marketing, and project service automation.

Dynamics 365 makes it easier than ever to start with what you need, and add applications as your business grows. 


Organisations with more agile deployment models had a 70% reduction in implementation costs.

– IDC Custom Solutions, Achieving Greater Productivity Through Business Solutions


Ready, when you are, for the next technology revolution


Dynamics 365 seamlessly integrates into Office 365 and connects the structured workflow of business apps to unstructured collaboration and productivity tasks. The apps are cloud-based and accessible on mobile devices with offline capabilities, using innovations such as Cortana Intelligence, Microsoft PowerApps and Microsoft Flow.


By removing the barriers that traditionally existed between ERP and CRM and integrating Microsoft Office, Dynamics 365 enables organisations to truly optimise their operations. Allowing you to connect your systems with customers wherever they are and whenever they want. 



Dynamics 365 has the lowest total cost of ownership (TCO) of any enterprise retail solution. What’s more, the use of Dynamics 365 removes 40% of non-productive time switching systems.


Microsoft AppSource is a single destination for you to discover, try and acquire line-of-business SaaS apps. The constant release of new apps delivers high-quality functionality whilst reducing the implementation time and need for customisation. 

An “Elastic Platform” for as little as £10 / User per Month


Whilst Dynamics 365 is a very extensive and flexible product, it’s also very affordable for Medium sized organisations as well as large organisations. There is a minimum licence requirement of just 20 enterprise seats. There are a number of licence types, so you only pay for what you need. The Software as a Service (SaaS) model also delivers a relatively low cost model.



Single View of the Entire Business

Functionality for the whole business in a single solution - including Sales, Customer Service, Marketing, Operations, Finance and Manufacturing.

Expand into New Markets Faster

Dynamics 365 is available across many languages and has built in localisations for 34 countries, giving you a reliable, available solution across your global organisation.

Platform Elasticity

Harnessing the power of the cloud allows you to scale up and down as your business requires it, making business peaks much easier to manage.

POS as Standard

Retail functionality as standard, including Cloud POS, mPOS, clienteling POS, Omni-channel management, merchandising & catalogue management and centralised store management.


Business Process & Personal Productivity Integrated

Delivering enhanced integration with productivity tools that users love, including Power BI and Office 365. Now users can streamline updates by working directly in Excel and dive into their data with custom dashboards built in Power BI. This delivers increased collaboration and productivity.

Built in Disaster Recovery

Out of the box HA/DR. The new release brings with it the benefits of the cloud that are most important for business — from simple signup, immediate provisioning, built-in high availability and disaster recovery.


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