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Simply Having a Website is No Longer Enough

Without a mobile optimised site or mobile strategy, many businesses are not only missing out on a channel to engage and convert: They are also missing out on an opportunity to bridge the gap between the in-store experience, social media channels and mCommerce. Although many businesses have embraced mobile with open arms, a worrying amount have not optimised their sites for mobile users.

If your site hasn’t been made for mobile, then it hasn’t been made for your customer…Simply replicating your full site onto mobile will cause poor customer satisfaction as it can’t maintain the user-journey and functionality necessary to suit every device – users want to find what they’re looking for quickly and easily. If they can’t do this, then, expect to see drop-offs in customers, fast.

  • Context-Driven & Multi-Screen Ready

    Many businesses are missing out on this prime revenue stream because of loss of control over their user journey, functionality and “look & feel”. Your customers don't see channels, so your content needs to be optimised for the right context and devices (PC, mobile and tablets). By delivering a consistent, brand experience across all devices you can make it easy for your customers to buy from you – however they want.

    Plus, we give you the flexibility to personalise your mobile content, by customer segment, context and channel / device, to make sure every mobile experience counts towards a conversion.

  • Mobile-First Commerce

    One of the core advantages of our mobile solutions is that you don’t have to create multiple versions of your site for every platform or browser. This takes a lot of the pain away from the content management process. Built on responsive design and HTML5, our platform is made for a modern digital experience. If your customers are already on mobile then there's no reason why you should be stuck with the PC way of working.

    • Our platform breaks down the boundary between digital channels and rigid page templates. It gives you the power to create consistent experiences that starts with mobile and adapts to the customer.
    • Create, edit and preview directly in the mobile view mode, with automatic layout and design, and your content will be adapted and optimised for any device.
    • Optimise your mobile user journey by configuring what and how to display your content for mobile.
  • Designed for a World of Mobility

    Getting mobile right is not just about fitting your content nicely into a smaller screen. It is also about doing all the small things right, so that your visitors don't decide to move on to a competing offer, that is luring just a couple of clicks away.

    Once you are ready to take mobile to the next level, we empower you to connect on-the-go consumers with personalised time and location-based offers, ideas or services.

    • Use historic information about the interests of a visitor and his or her current context to connect them with tailored messages or offers.
    • Connect visitors with context-dependent messages both on the web, and through outbound communication such as e-mail or text messages.


  • Embrace the New Mobile Reality

    We live in a mobile age. Today's mobile devices are driving eCommerce growth in every way. Forget 'channels' and get ready to make your content and product information available anytime, anywhere and in any format for the connected customers.

    Mobile first or not, we make sure your customers see your brand as one consistent, end-to-end, experience.

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