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Campaign Monitoring & Optimisation

At the core of every marketing initiative is the ability to test and measure results. Many marketers struggle to find the time to analyse and manage complex marketing campaigns. As a result ROI tends to falls lower and lower down the list of day-to-day priorities. With EPiServer campaign monitor and optimisation (CMO) you can easily measure, test and monitor online activity.

Measure Your Performance

Campaign Monitor makes life easier by allowing you to see how your campaigns are performing at your fingertips, without the need for technical knowledge.

Sometimes connecting the dots between behavioural statistics and campaigns can be difficult. With CMO you are able to see the whole picture with easy-to-understand graphical reports. EPiServer CMO lets you see what’s working and gives marketers the ability to focus efforts on key messages and goals.

Perpetual testing lets you continually improve your website performance across all digital channels.  

Improve Conversion Rates with Multivariate Testing

Managing a website requires continual improvement but how do you know when a page is working? Are these changes having the right effect on your revenue and conversion rates?

One sure-fire way to find out is by implementing AB testing. For those that are not aware, AB testing is a way of creating similar versions of your web page and testing these variants against a split percentage of web traffic in a live environment. This can be seen as a battle for the survival of the fittest.Usually, the pages remain very similar only with a few variants within each page, these components can include; banners, imagery, text, button design, navigation categories, styling and more.

By testing version A against version B using an equal amount of traffic, responses such as click-through rate and time on site can be compared in real-time. To make a permanent change, you can finalise your test by simply choosing your “winner”, this will then become the newly published page.

Gain Insight into your Customer Behaviour

The conversion path monitors the user’s conversion between pre-defined goals, giving you clearer insight into specific user actions. Statistics and ROI no longer become a sideline consideration, you can see vital statistics such as the amount of new and returning visitors, their originating source, duration times, browser types and more. Making it easy for you to then create and deploy live campaigns quickly and efficiently.

The user-friendly reporting makes day to day management easier with customised reporting, there’s no need for extensive manual adaptation into excel – all reports are ready for export or print. You can define key performance indicators (KPIs) such as downloading a file, form postings, page visits and tracking traffic from one URL to another and see their performance in real-time.

Triggered Email Marketing in Real-Time

Recent research shows that the rise in cross channel marketing has impacted on the growth of the email marketing sector. Email has long been a well-established form of digital marketing. It can be both an effective and steady stream of personalised communication. The challenges remain with email marketing that it needs to be relevant, personalised and optimised for all viewing devices. EPiServer Mail is designed for businesses and marketers that want to drive traffic back to their corporate website, increase their leads and conversions.

One of the fundamental benefits with EPiServer Mail is integrated with your CRM, making it easy to create personalised and targeted emails. Specific segments can be created from your website including broad criteria such as country, region and as specific as interests, needs or behaviour within the website.

By tailoring messages to customer behaviour, recipients will feel like they are being communicated with on a more personal level. Once these emails are opened you can start to influence. To make the most of your content, you can create branded templates that are easy to edit using existing content such as images, videos and forms from elsewhere within your website. This reduces editing time, maintains brand consistency and allows marketers to focus on a strategy for improved ROI.

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