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Engaging eCommerce for a Multichannel World

EPiServer eCommerce is a multichannel, mobile first e-commerce platform, that nurtures visitors throughout the entire customer journey. Not just at the point of purchase.

In today’s competitive marketplace, online businesses must have an eCommerce site that meets the needs of online buyers, wherever they are and whatever they’re after. That’s why companies need a flexible, fast and agile eCommerce platform. If it takes you days to launch a campaign, you'll simply miss the boat. 

With EPiServer Commerce, you get a blank canvas to launch campaigns to a targeted audience, and have all the tools you need to personalise and optimise your content instantly. Making it easier to sell more, faster, and with less effort.

EPiServer Commerce is more than just a tool for catalogue management and payments. It allows you to engage with new visitors, optimise the payment process and personalise the online experience for each visitor on your site. The platform incorporates the full scope of EPiServer’s best-in-class web content management, community and optimisation to power a company’s e-shop from end-to-end, fuelling business growth.

Real-time Personalisation Boosts Conversions

Today’s eCommerce isn’t solely about the platform technology and functionality. Content is still king, whether it’s text, images or other types of media. It’s critical to be able to manage online content easily and effectively. With EPiServer, not only is it easy to manage your content across all channels quickly and easily, you can deliver targeted and personalised content in real-time.

Criteria can include your visitor's context and behaviour on-site (e.g. geographic IP, address, visited pages, keyword phrase to name a few).

Complex Product Management & Merchandising

EPiServer Commerce helps online businesses stand out from the competition with rich functionality that allow for large-scale product management across all multiple sites and channels.

Many traditional eCommerce platforms don't let you manage how you present, bundle and display products. EPiServer's vast array of funtionally rich modules help you present products in a way that meets your customer's shopping needs. These include: faceted search, personalisation & merchandising, promotions, pricing, globalisation (multi-language & multi-currency capabilities), order management and much more.


In today's international market, your customers can live down the road or across the globe from your business. Developing an eCommerce website that caters to these audiences and lets you easily accept and manage international orders can be a time and resource intensive process that involves creating new content for all of your customers' markets, languages and currencies.

EPiServer Commerce includes a full suite of internationalisation tools so you can easily expand into new markets, manage your global channels and monitor your performance.  EPiServer lets you create and deploy a number of localized eCommerce websites. You can control all of your product catalogues, customer and market data from within one interface. One of the most challenging aspects of tackling internationalisation is create local content for each country, region or market.

EPiServer Commerce makes managing your content easier with globalization support so you can easily manage your content, product management and workflows for multi-region eCommerce sites.

Campaign & Conversion Rate Optimisation

Optimizing your campaign can be a chore without the right tools. EPiServer Commerce makes it easy to test and optimize your campaigns, and use these data to drive more sales.

  • Automate content optimization: The self-optimizing multivariate testing feature intelligently learns which content block works best with your customer segments and automatically displays that content more often to help you improve performance over time.

  • Test and measure how you want: Perform A/B testing on pages, text and design elements to get an instant view of how the content performs. You can set a single goal or group several goals into one campaign to get a complete view of their performance.

  • Simplify SEO effort: We build SEO insights into every page and provide real-time advice to improve your search ranking, ensuring your content is always optimized for targeted keywords as you create.

Scale for the Future

With EPiServer Commerce you get a future-proof e-commerce framework and a best-of-breed content management solution, which makes it easy and fast for you to change, add, personalize or remove content to enhance your online presence and improve sales.

As EPiServer Commerce is a scalable and future proof solution, it puts you in control of all aspects of your commerce site so it can grow from your needs today to those that come in the future. It integrates seamlessly with all aspects of a company’s web presence as well as other existing business systems and focuses on the user experience so web visitors remain engaged throughout the buying process.

The strength of the combined product gives you the agility you need to be competitive in an ever-changing market and the flexibility to make immediate changes to your online presence. 

EPiServer Commerce is ideal for e-retailers with large product catalogues and high volumes of traffic. Whether scaling horizontally or vertically, EPiServer Commerce offers the reliability you need to run global eCommerce websites and scale in any direction for the future. If you have an ambitious eCommerce project coming up then why not contact us or give us a call on 0161 946 0000.

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