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Content Management in EPiServer

EPiServer CMS includes everything a business needs to build an online presence that attracts and engages customers - all from one user-friendly, web-based platform that’s accessible anytime from anywhere.

With Over 3,000 Customers Worldwide....

EPiServer is the fastest growing content management system provider helping to drive traffic and deliver engaging experiences with its intuitive CMS interface, multi-site management and ability to create personalised content . They have a wealth of experience implementing some of the most successful eCommerce brands including Hallmark, M&S and IKEA.

Manage Your Website with Less Effort

EPiServer CMS allows you to create, manage and publish new content without the need for developers. This allows marketers to focus on the message and stop worrying about content rendering across devices. Editing content is easy with the drag and drop WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) environment.

Every member of the marketing team can easily and quickly create new content, review it and take it live without assistance from a developer.


Content Adapts Seamlessly Across Devices

With EPiServer CMS, you no longer need to create multiple versions for different devices. EPiServer is a single environment from which you can manage your desktop, mobile site and social media platform. You only need to design a piece of content or functionality once; you can then use it across all channels. This speeds up your time to market by reusing content across pages, websites and gives you the foundation for a consistent look, feel and message whichever route your visitors find you.

Make Content Relevant with Personalisation

Increasingly visitors expect a personalised experience online. You can personalise content to match visitors purchase history, demographics and the ways in which they interact your website. A highly flexible component, this feature allows you to dynamically change content for specific groups according to set criteria: Geographic IP, visited pages, keyword phrase to name a few. This can allow you to tailor special offers to the most loyal customers, returning visitors or most influential Facebook fans, on the fly.

Customise Your Dashboards to Suit Your Role

Users may find certain aspects of the CMS more suitable to your specific job role and objectives. You can personalise your day to day workings and requirements e.g. prioritise several marketing activities into one campaign to get a complete picture of the activity online; visitor pathways and brand monitoring within your dashboard. The system also includes things such as page versioning which allows you to log changes and revert back to previous versions.

Localise Global Content: Multi-Site, Multi-Language, Multi-Lingual

EPiServer’s strong support of globalisation offers easy multilingual site management and translation modules that facilitate consistent, yet culturally appropriate communication across borders.

Scalability & Integration

CMS is the cornerstone of the EPiServer product family. When a brand is ready, EPiServer’s Commerce, Community and CMO marketing suite are available. Each of these products is developed to natively integrate with EPiServer CMS, so no need to worry about data migration or custom development costs.

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