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Microsoft Dynamics AX

Microsoft Dynamics AX combines point-of-sale (POS), store operations, merchandising and retail headquarters processes with enterprise resource planning (ERP) and financial management in a comprehensive solution that delivers value in every area of your retail organisation.

Dynamics AX provides a complete omnichannel retailing platform that enables you to operate and manage all your sales channels from a single system. From retail stores, call centre operations, mail order and integrated eCommerce this platform combines them all and gives you a consolidated view of your omnichannel business.

What our customers think...

“With an implementation of this scale, people make the difference between success and failure. Maginus integrated themselves into the DC Thomson team, and their tenacity and commitment were instrumental to our eventual success.”
Gillian Troup Financial Controller, DC Thomson
"Probably one of the most competent solution providers within the Dynamics AX arena who have managed to stretch the capabilities of the solution beyond its standard design...A highly competent team."
Head of IT & Multi-Channel Project Delivery Fortnum & Mason
  • Gartner Positions Dynamics AX in the "Leaders Quadrant"

    Gartner placed Dynamics AX in the Leaders quadrant of the Magic Quadrant for ERP report which recognises the readiness of the product for the future changes in the market. Microsoft Dynamics AX, according to the report, offers “broad and robust functionality and delivers low TCO (total cost of ownership) through integration of other Microsoft products and technologies.”

Microsoft's flagship business system is used by over 16,000 enterprises around the globe

React to Changing Consumer Behaviour

The retail market has changed more in the last 5 years than in the previous 5 decades. We now talk in terms of the “connected” consumer and the “always on” shopper – and although the purchase process is the same today as it has always been, these activities are performed in massively different ways.


To excel in this environment the modern retailer needs the technology solutions in place that can evolve and flex with each new demand. Microsoft Dynamics AX for Retail coupled with Maginus experience and expertise will allow your organisation to thrive as a modern, agile retailer.

Flexible POS Delivers 'Point of Service'

Dynamics AX for Retail empowers store agents with a modern Point of Sale (POS) solution, supporting standard sales transactions and payment options, real-time inventory look-up, access to omnichannel customer history and back office capabilities.

Maginus POS extensions allow for multi-currency payments, combination purchases (service and SKU), pay and deliver to home, gift card and loyalty point functionality. The power of this new modern POS is that it becomes much more than a Point of Sale experience – it is a customer engagement dashboard!

Centralised Store Management

Microsoft Dynamics AX for Retail allows you to easily manage a large retail estate from your head office, with pricing, products and promotions all controlled centrally.

Head office merchandisers have the flexibility to deliver different products to different types of store or to different geographies.

You are able to scale the solution quickly to expand into other retail channels, international sites, or add new stores and distribution hubs. Promotions can also be designed at Head Office and then ‘pushed out’ to the relevant channels.

Global Reach and Scalability

Dynamics AX for Retail can be scaled up as your business grows: Add stores and distribution centres both locally and internationally. Easily operate across geographies and locations with flexible deployment options and built-in support for 38 countries and 40 languages. Capitalise on new opportunities with a web services technology framework that makes it simple and affordable to add, build, and expand profitable partner relationships.

Work Better, Faster, and Smarter

Microsoft Dynamics Role Tailored user experience surfaces the information, tasks, and insights relevant to specific job functions. By putting the resources you need right at your fingertips you can help your people work better, faster, and smarter right from the start.

Support Business Today and Tomorrow

Take advantage of the flexible Microsoft Dynamics AX solution architecture that enables either end-to-end or workload-based implementations. Or you can replace your legacy systems one-by-one. Resulting in reduced implementation times and the ability to deploy one business scenario at a time.

Improve Operational Efficiency

All aspects of the Dynamics AX solution from POS to merchandising and back office functions are designed to work together. All business rules, products, pricing and promotions are controlled centrally and deployed to each and every customer touch point to ensure continuity across the entire retail organisation.

Microsoft Gold Certified Partner

Maginus has many years' experience delivering technology-led business change projects for omnichannel retail, wholesale distribution and eCommerce businesses. Maginus are one of Microsoft's longest standing, omnichannel partners in the UK and hold Gold certified ERP and Application Development competencies.

Customer Service at the Core of the Business

Microsoft Dynamics AX for Retail allows you to make the customer experience with the call centre as productive as possible by providing customer service representatives (CSR's) with complete visibility into customer data, including access to customer information, stock availability and order history fast, so that they can cross-sell and upsell effectively.


The CSR will be presented with relevant, personalised messaging to maximise the sales potential with each customer interaction.

  • Key Functionality

    Store Management

    • A single commerce run-time engine gives full visibility and management control across all your channels.

    • Cross-channel scenarios—"buy online/pick up in store"—enhance convenience for customers.

    • Retail channel integration with online marketplaces and stores creates new opportunities for sales, customer interaction, and feedback.

    • Consistent store/enterprise resource planning (ERP) data model and business rules facilitate gathering of accurate, timely data.

    • "Drag-and-drop" designer allows point-of-sale user interface customisation by role to enhance customer service and to help reduce training time for new employees


    Customer Service

    • Identify trends and offer personalised service with access to real-time, actionable data.

    • Loyalty Card Schemes

    • Use shared document repositories to maintain a comprehensive history of the customer, from initial contact through subsequent interactions, and make it available throughout the organisation.

    • Implement promotions, discounts, coupons, and more via social sites. Enable recall or redemption through other channels.

    • Track relevant demographic detail from redeemed promotions via marketplaces and social networks for customer data mining and analytics


    Order Management and Purchasing

    • Accept, fulfill, and track standard and special orders with a 360-degree business view.

    • Replenish seamlessly across any channel, based on strategy or need.

    • Manage inventory transfers and intercompany flows with an end-to-end view.


    Pricing and Merchandising

    • Cross channel pricing control

    • Flexible discounts

    • Coupons

    • Discounts by group/item/customer

    • Mix-and-match, buy-one-get-one-free plus many other promotional scenarios.

  • Key Benefits

  • Accelerate Business Success with a Single, End to End Solution

    Reduce complexity across your retail operation with a single solution that standardises processes across multiple sites and functions.

  • Empower Employees to Improve Customer Satisfaction

    Help connect with customers and suppliers and work fast and smart with access to role tailored tools and information.

  • Expand Into New Retail Channels

    React quickly to change and expand your business model by adding stores and distribution centres and taking advantage of omnichannel opportunities.

  • Get Staff Up to Speed Quickly

    Minimize training requirements with a solution that works on a familiar Microsoft architecture. The easy to use, intuitive user interface makes it possible for people to start work right away.

What Can We Do for You?

New Projects

Implementing a new technology project can be a time-consuming and complex task that many customers will be unfamiliar with. With numerous potential pitfalls to contend with, it is vital to work with an experienced partner that has a proven, implementation methodology. Our mission is to become a long term partner helping you make the most from your investment.


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Rescue & Project Recovery

We have years of experience recovering projects from a failing state or aren’t reaching their full potential. We can help you meet your ambitious project expectations via the delivery of training, small developments, systems configuration or the implementation (or re-implementation) of add-on modules.


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Microsoft Dynamics AX for Retail Data Sheet

Microsoft Dynamics AX for Retail combines Point-of-Sale (POS), store operations, merchandising and retail headquarters processes with enterprise resource planning (ERP) and financial management in a comprehensive solution that delivers value in every area of your retail organisation.

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Scaling Microsoft Dynamics AX2012 R3 for the Growing Retailer

Maginus partnered with one of the UK’s largest volume retailers with the aim of “stress-testing” Dynamics AX 2012 R3 to prove it's sufficiently robust enough to support a 1,200 store retail environment.

The aim of the case study was to measure how Microsoft Dynamics AX2012 R3 performs when running retail processes with significant transactional throughput. More specifically, to determine whether or not the solution could meet their retail requirements and support the future growth of the business.

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Occasionally we would like to send you the latest news, reports and case studies from Maginus. For more info visit: Privacy Policy.

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