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Our Software Solutions


We've been delivering innovative technology solutions for decades and have firmly established our credentials for helping customers to increase sales, improve customer service, reduce costs and build long-lasting customer relationships.

With our focus on retail and distribution verticals, whether you’re a retailer, wholesale distributor, online pureplay or mail-order company our core solutions are designed to meet your specific business needs. And because they're scalable, as your business grows, our solutions grow with you.


Magento is one of the most popular eCommerce and CMS platforms in the world. Maginus work with fast-growing organisations that are looking for a flexible commerce platform that can scale as your business needs change.


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Maginus are an Episerver Premium Partner in the UK. If you’re seeking an enterprise-level eCommerce solution that seamlessly combines content and commerce, Episerver can take you to the next level.


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iCore Integration

iCore Integration Suite is a component based integration solution with a strong toolkit for configuring customer-unique information flows.


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Maginus OMS

Maginus Order Management Software (Maginus OMS) is a leaner alternative to SAP, Microsoft, Netsuite and Oracle. Maginus OMS provides integrated Order Management, Warehouse Management and Fulfilment functionality.


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Microsoft Dynamics AX

Microsoft Dynamics AX is an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution to suit large company requirements including multi-company, financial consolidation and management of retail estates.


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Microsoft Dynamics 365

Microsoft Dynamics 365 was developed as Microsoft's next generation enterprise cloud solution that offers ERP, CRM and office functionality in a single solution.

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Solutions for High-Growth eCommerce Businesses


You’ve executed some great ideas and your online business is booming. With Maginus, you can take your business to the next level!

Maginus has worked with a wide range of online businesses from SMEs, enterprise-level and high-growth pure-play eCommerce businesses. Our many years’ experience ensures our solutions are delivered on time, on budget and make a demonstrable difference to your bottom line.

Are you a fast-growing business that needs an agile eCommerce platform? 



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Are you an enterprise-level organisation looking for commerce without limits?





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Solutions for Businesses in Wholesale, Distribution and Trade


Wholesale is different than retail, so why settle for a system that isn’t fit for purpose?

Maginus has been a trusted supplier to the Wholesale and Direct Commerce Markets for more than 40 Years. As that market has evolved from catalogue, to call centre, to online, our solutions have changed to meet changing customer demands.

Our solutions can help you flex and stay ahead of the competition.


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Solutions for Omnichannel Retailers

The retail market has changed more in the last 5 years than in the previous 5 decades.

Despite having the heritage that comes from being an established retailer. If you’re not able to evolve and flex with each new demand of the ‘always-on’ consumer, then you won’t be here tomorrow.

Using our technology and experience we can help you implement an Omnichannel retail model to match their expectations.

Are you a large, multi-national company looking for an ERP that delivers value across your entire organisation?




Microsoft Dynamics AX



Are you looking for a single cloud-based solution for your CRM, ERP and office functionality?




Microsoft Dynamics 365



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