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Truckman Drives 25% YOY Growth


Maginus OMS has supported Truckman's growth since 2008 and they continue to grow at an average rate of 25% year-on-year.


Why B2B eCommerce is the Future for ERA


ERA Home Security recently launched ERA Everywhere, their B2B eCommerce site, using Episerver from Maginus.

About ERA Home Security


With over 175 years of manufacturing, design and innovation, ERA have been firmly at the heart of securing Britain’s homes since 1838.

About Autostyling Truckman


Truckman's mission is to develop their position as the fastest growing UK quality supplier of after market 4x4 Pick Up & SUV accessories.

The Importance of Integration


Integration can provide your business with the flexibility to adapt and change as it grows - done badly it can be a major barrier to growth.

The Royal Mint:
Working with Maginus


 Simon Day at The Royal Mint shares his experience of working with Maginus at our recent user conference.

Magento CEO: Amazon is a Great Partner


In this interview, Magento CEO, Mark Lavelle, discusses the competitive threat of Amazon (source: Bloomberg). 

The Royal Mint:
iCore Integration


Simon Day from The Royal Mint shares his experience of implementing our Systems Integration solution (iCore) with Maginus.

The Royal Mint: A Brief History


Simon Day gives a brief overview of The Royal Mint's history at Maginus' recent user event, Future Focus 2017.

Future Focus 2017: Highlights


Watch the highlights from our recent User Conference, “Future Focus 2017”.

RSPB: A New Customer Perspective


Roy Roddy from RSPB gives an overview of the decision to change to an omnichannel platform, and why they chose Maginus.

ERA Everywhere Demo


For many of ERA’s customers ordering components used to be an arduous admin task – with – it’s quick, easy and simple for customers to buy online:


Multichannel vs. Omnichannel


At first glance, it may appear that the two approaches merely aim to interact with consumers across a number of channels. What's the difference? Friend or Foe?


Amazon's impact on online retail (and soon to be) B2B sectors is greater now than ever before. In this video, we explore whether Amazon is a friend, foe or both?

UKWA: The Changing Face of Logistics


Peter Ward, CEO at UKWA, took a closer look at changing consumer habits and their effect on the logistics industry.


How to Compete with Amazon


In this video we discuss how you can play to your omnichannel strengths to compete with the online giant that is Amazon.


Maginus User Conference 2016


Hear what our customers had to say about our recent User Conference: Jam-packed of industry speakers, announcements and insight.

Justerini & Brooks on Business Intelligence


How do you tackle complex reporting requirements with data coming from a myriad of different sources?

Strategic Delivery Alliances


With ever-increasing demands caused by online giants such as Amazon, how can retailers improve their delivery performance and fulfil customer expectations?

Digital Transformation with eConsultancy


Sean Donnelly, eConsultancy outlines the role that customer experience plays in encouraging technology and business change.  

Is Your Business Too Complex to Go Online?


Find out how you can overcome the challenge of digital transformation, and migrate your B2B business online, one-step-at-a-time.

MetaPack: Improving the Delivery Experience


Vidya, MetaPack, discusses how you can focus on improving your delivery experience for your customers by addressing key issues.


Amazon are Coming to B2B


The eCommerce giant Amazon is now turning their hand to the lucrative world of B2B wholesale - what impact could this have?

3 Minutes with EPiServer


See how EPiServer software can help you understand the customer journey and deliver rewarding online experiences for the connected consumer.

Is your business too complex to go online?


Find out how you can overcome the challenge of digital transformation, and migrate your B2B business online, one-step-at-a-time.

B2B eCommerce: Perceptions & Reality


There is often a perception that the wholesale sector has been relatively unaffected by the adoption of eCommerce. The reality couldn’t be further from the truth.

3PLs: How can Retailers Compete with Amazon?


Amazon has once again raised the bar by bringing ‘Prime Now’ delivery service to London. What can retailers do to compete?

EPiServer 7 CMS


 Drag and drop your image from the assets pane and it will automatically adjust to the layout across devices.

Mobile First eCommerce and Fast Merchandising


Create, edit and preview directly on mobile and your content will be enabled and optimised on any devices from PC to tablet.

Let your website optimise itself!


Episerver's self-optimising blocks help you understand the real impact on conversions, without spending time monitoring and interpreting results.

How to Win in a Mobile-First World


Our very own Gavin Masters and Mark Kelly from EPiServer present, "How to Win in a Mobile First World" at Internet Retailing Expo.

The Benefits of SaaS (Software as a Service)


Watch our video for a brief overview of the benefits of SaaS, or ‘Software as a Service’ to give it its full title.

Tips for a Successful Implementation


Implementing a new system can be time-consuming, complex and expensive. Find out how to make your project go smoothly.

Black Friday & Planning for Peak


Gain insights into consumer plans for the peak season including their views on Black Friday.

Christmas & the Consumer 2015


Retailers will need to ensure their online offering and fulfilment services are second to none to compete for consumer spend this year.

Personalisation: What can it really deliver?


Personalisation is a ‘must have’ in 2017. How can it be implemented? What will it deliver? Presented by Reya Rajendran, Peerius.