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How Do You Know When You've Outgrown Your eCommerce Platform?

It's a difficult decision choosing the "right" time to change eCommerce platform - that's why we commissioned our latest report to help eCommerce professionals judge whether their existing solution can support their business strategy. Or whether there are in fact some "quick-wins" that can be carried out, without needing to re-platform.

  • In this free, 12-page report you'll learn:  

  • 7 Key Indications That You’ve Outgrown Your eCommerce Platform

  • Tactics That Can Be Employed as Part of an eCommerce Strategy

  • Online Expansion Trends for 2015

  • Which B2B & B2C eCommerce Businesses Are Doing Well and Why?

  • "Quick Wins" to Improve Your eCommerce Offering. And No Need to Re-Platform!

  • Common Indications That Your eCommerce Platform Can No Longer Support Your Business Strategy

About the Author – Nadia Castellani

Nadia Castellani has over 15 years experience successfully implementing eCommerce and Digital Marketing strategies within a number of luxury online brands and is currently working as a strategic eCommerce and Multichannel Consultant.

Nadia has an exceptional track-record in a number of senior roles within the luxury and fashion sector these include: eCommerce Director at Charlotte Olympia, eCommerce Consultant at McLaren, Head of eCommerce at Myla, eCommerce Manager at Dorothy Perkins (Arcadia Group) and Senior Merchandiser at Asprey & Garrard.