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B2B eCommerce: Is Your Business Too Complex to Go Online?

It’s a common response when a consultant speaks to someone from a “traditional” B2B company about the potential of online – “We’re too niche to be able to have a website!”, or “Our processes are far too complicated to translate onto a couple of web pages”. The truth of the matter is often very different, and much like the transition from pen & paper to fax & PC, transformation of a traditional business into the digital age can have huge commercial benefits.


When you take a look around, there are thousands of businesses with complex operations trading effectively and profitably online, from finance, manufacturing, wholesale and distribution, businesses are seeing benefits in translating processes and customer contact points into digital services.


About the Author - Gavin Masters

Gavin Masters has over 15 years’ experience within eCommerce, multichannel retail and logistics. He has worked with leading retailers including, The Co-Operative Group, Fortnum & Mason, Debenhams, Marks & Spencer, Hallmark Cards and logistics suppliers including Exel, Parcelforce and Pickfords.


He has worked with a number of the UK's leading retail and B2B companies, pioneering digital and transformation strategies to ensure the future viability of their businesses - exploring additional channels for revenue, such as white labelling, internationalisation and direct-to-consumer.


Gavin Masters is the Head of eCommerce Consulting at Maginus, helping businesses make a demonstrable difference to revenue, efficiency and effectiveness across all digital channels.

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  • How the 80:20 rule could be preventing your business from reaching its potential online

  • How simple changes online can help you achieve the same level of service online as you deliver via your call-centre or sales representatives


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