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6 Ways to Justify a New ERP System to the Board


Getting board level buy-in and support for a new ERP implementation can be a real challenge. Senior Directors don’t always understand the pain that front line staff have to go through when dealing with outdated, legacy systems. It’s not them having to do the manual intervention or double checking data from different systems.

In order to persuade your board of Directors, you need a rational justification that takes into account the cost of the existing vs. new system and the likely disruption of carrying out an ERP project.

Many companies fight this internal battle for months, even years, before getting the full support and board-level buy-in to implement a new ERP system. And all too often, the operational and organisational inefficiency becomes overwhelming before the decision to make a change is made. To find out how to create a compelling proposition, download our report.

  • Download “6 ways to justify a new ERP system to the board” to discover:

  • Top tips for creating a compelling proposition for a new ERP system

  • How to get the cost saving message across

  • Ways to demonstrate reduced risk within an ERP implementation

  • The secret to developing a solid return on investment case

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