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The 'Wow' and the 'How':

Leadership perspectives on outsourcing, insourcing, partnering and ‘right sourcing’



Today’s omnichannel retailers create ‘wow’ moments to engage with and sell to consumers. As previous certainties are shaken by cyclical and epochal change, the search for ‘how’ to deliver on these promises is top of the agenda. Whatever our position in the shifting landscape, we share one imperative: to act wisely at pace. We consider our options to decrease the latency between idea and gaining a competitive advantage.



Maginus commissioned Internet Retailing to produce this whitepaper - showcasing a new strategy, 'rightsourcing', namely outsourcing the right tasks to the right source in order to maximise customer service. Offering visibility of every moving part, with a willingness to interoperate and flex the service, creating an infrastructure that can continually change and adapt.



Inside this whitepaper:

  • A digital view on outsourcing and how it’s reshaping the supply side for the future
  • How to grow and succeed by collaborating with others.
  • Retailers’ experiences from Schuh, RSPB and John Lewis to name a few.
  • Leader Perspectives on how their customer service and other ideologies are at the heart of their strategic operations.
“Rightsourcing is outsourcing the right tasks to the right source in order to maximise customer service.”

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