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The New Retail Initiative

The role of the customer has changed. Over the last fifteen years the customer has evolved from the ‘high street warrior’ to the ‘connected consumer’. Given the rise of the internet, mobile technology and big data, it is no longer enough for retailers to expect that brand reputation and footfall will lead to conversion and higher sales margins.


In today’s world, the customer knows more about you and your brand than the majority of shop assistants do and why is this? Because the connected customer has big data information at their fingertips; on their laptops, tablets or mobiles they can scour the market for the best price, the most ethical, the best range, the best delivery options…and the list goes on and on.


So what does all of this mean? The customer is still King? Of course it does, but what impact does the modern-day connected consumer have on high street retail?

Download our free 6-page report to discover:

  • What impact does the ‘modern-day’ consumer have on traditional high-street retailing

  • Why stock and location is no longer enough

  • 3 examples of innovative “concept stores”

  • Is the future of the high-street is POS-less?

  • How you can evolve to “Go Mobile” and harness “Big Data”

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