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  • The main predicament for luxury brands is that a lot of what ‘makes’ a luxury brand occurs offline, so how do you provide stylish showrooms, attentive customer service, and professional advice through a screen?

    For the luxury brands that wish to accept the challenge of going online, they face the dilemma of how to replicate the offline experience digitally. We identified 100 ‘Luxury Retailers’ in the UK and scored each against key criteria that we feel creates a ‘luxurious’ online experience. To find out which luxury retailers are getting omnichannel right simply fill in the form below.

  • In This Free 14-Page Report You'll Learn:

  • What Does This Move to Online Mean for the Luxury Retail Sector?

  • Could It Transform The Way Luxury Retailers Operate?

  • 3 Consumer Markets That Buy From Luxury Brands

  • When Does 'Luxury' Just Become 'Expensive'?

  • 8 Examples of Luxury Retailers that are Getting Omnichannel Right and Why

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