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Queue Busting Strategies for the Visionary Retailer

The British were renowned the world over for their ability to queue - but not anymore. According to a Survey by YouGov, only 41 per cent of us would be prepared to join the back of a long queue.This research highlights how waiting times are a significant contributing factor behind customer dissatisfaction.

Fortunately, more and more queue-busting technologies are being developed each year to enable retailers to improve customer satisfaction. However, it can be a challenge knowing when and how to invest in this technology.

Download our latest report to discover strategies to reduce in-store purchase abandonment.

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  • In this free 4-page report you'll discover:

  • Why consumers aren’t prepared to wait

  • Strategies to reduce your purchase abandonment

  • Whether queues are actually bad for your business

  • Queue-busting technologies to improve customer satisfaction

  • Alternative approaches to queue-busting technology