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The Dawn of Post-Modern Retailing

With retailers outsourcing an increasing number of business processes, Mark Thornton, Marketing Director at Maginus, looks at the benefits of outsourcing and how retailers can retain a degree of control in the new era of “Post-modern Retail”.


The days of retailers handling all critical business functions and processes from delivery, warehousing, and logistics, to returns and customer contact centres are coming to an end. The traditional notion of retailers handling all these processes is slowly but surely being phased out, as the sector enters a new ‘post-modern’ era in how it conducts its operations.


In 2015, outsourcing in the retail sector increased by 45% year-on-year, with 60% of retailers citing delivering an improved customer service as the main driver for handing control of critical processes over to third parties.


“Outsourcing offers retailers increased flexibility and scalability at a price point far below the investment required to handle processes themselves.”


Natalie Sehnal, Business Development Manager at Spark Response


In this 2-page article we outline:

  • The Business Case for Outsourcing

  • How to Assess Your Outsourcing Options for eCommerce, Call Centres, Warehousing and Delivery

  • Connecting the Outsourced Dots

  • Postmodern Retail



The British Retail Consortium is the only trade association which covers the whole of the retail industry. The BRC’s mission is to make a positive difference by advancing vibrant and consumer focused retail.


Our article, "The Dawn of Postmodern Retailing" is part of The BRC's online-only magazine, 'The Retailer' [Summer Edition].

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