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Maginus OMS Enterprise DB & GDPR Compliance

With less than 80 days until GDPR comes into effect on the 25th May 2018. Are you ready? Or have you waited too long to begin your journey to compliance?

Within the GDPR there are large changes ahead for retailers, as well as businesses and organisations that handle any personal information. If you are a controller or processor of personal data, no doubt the GDPR is a topic on your agenda.

Existing Maginus OMS Customers

At Maginus, we believe that the optimum GDPR technology solution contains elements of encryption, anonymisation and pseudonymisation. The official EU journal on GDPR recognises the privacy-enhancing effect of these techniques. Essentially, these tactics make it impossible or impractical to connect personal data to an identifiable person. However, it's important to point out that although encryption is referred to within the GDPR, it is by no means mandatory.

Start at the Breach and Work Backwards

At Maginus, we believe in starting at the potential breach and working backwards. By de-identifying personal data – any breach of personal information becomes unusable. Therefore, it makes sense to consider encryption as an important tactic within a wider GDPR strategy.

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What you'll learn:

  • Cut through the noise. What is GDPR and what are some of the key changes taking place?

  • What can Maginus do to help? Learn more about Maginus OMS Enterprise DB

  • Definitions of Encryption, Anonymisation & Pseudonymisation

  • The Key Solution Benefits of de-identification techniques

  • Reasons to implement Maginus OMS Enterprise DB

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