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The Changing Face of Luxury Retail in an Online World

The main predicament for luxury brands is that a lot of what ‘makes’ a luxury brand occurs offline, so how do you provide stylish showrooms, attentive customer service, and professional advice through a screen?

Luxury retailers are enhancing eCommerce propositions and turning to digital commerce as it looks to engage with a new generation of luxury consumers online. That’s the conclusion of this brand-new 14 page downloadable research report.

In producing the second annual report, Maginus examined the eCommerce sites of 100 luxury retail brands including Net-a-Porter, Burberry, Selfridges, Rolex, Jimmy Choo and Cartier to see if they delivered some of the key functionality of a successful eCommerce offering. Key criteria included promotions and discounts on the homepage, content driven commerce, click and collect, gift wrapping, Live Chat, personal shopping and 24/7 customer call-centre. From this Maginus outlined examples of luxury brands that are managing to replicate a ‘luxurious’ customer experience online.


How are luxury retailers performing online?

Historically, Luxury retailers have been hesitant to take the leap online fearing that it will conflict with the traditional luxury experience – lacking intimacy, personal touches and exclusivity.

However, this year’s report showed signs that the sector is starting to invest more heavily in omnichannel retail.

To find out how luxury retailers are performing online, simply fill in the form (right) to download your copy of the report.

In This Free 13-Page Report You'll Learn:

  • What Does This Move to Online Mean for the Luxury Retail Sector?

  • Has it Transformed the Way Luxury Retailers Operate?

  • 4 Key Markets That Buy From Luxury Brands

  • 5 Examples of Luxury Retailers that are Getting Omnichannel Right

  • 6 Ways to Adapt to Changing Consumer Behaviours


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