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Internet Retailing: B2B eCommerce Research Paper

B2B businesses are beginning to explore the possibilities of digitally enabled business. What will this mean for manufacturers, suppliers, retailers and consumers?



Research Briefings consist of surveys, reports and cutting edge retail research

It’s not just retailers using eCommerce techniques to drive business. Increasingly, the B2B community is both employing techniques borrowed from the B2C sector, and finding new and innovative ways to use digital technologies too. This is having a profound effect all the way up and down the supply chain – on manufacturers, wholesalers and channel partners, logistics companies, retailers and, yes, customers and consumers of all stripes.

What all this might mean to the way we all conduct business in the years ahead is as yet unclear, which is the principal reason why Internet Retailing’s latest research report focuses squarely on the B2B sector.


  • Our experts answer four key questions.
  • The role of digital technologies in reaching out to customers
  • Issues that need to be considered when making investment decisions
  • Getting technology systems - and people - to talk with each other
  • Issues around mobile, stock levels and deliveries
  • The emergence of new kinds of B2B and B2C companies
  • The future of digital B2B commerce


Jonathan Wright is the co-editor of Internet Retailing’s Special Reports. He earned his e-stripes on the UK launch of Business 2.0, which rode the crest of the wave. Since then, he’s written about subjects ranging from technology to television and much else for a variety of publications, including The Guardian, Total Film, T3, BBC Focus Magazine and BBC History Magazine.


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