"I Want It Now" - Why Delivery is a Supply Chain Problem

The battle for retail dominance in the "I want it now" era is fiercer than ever before, and one industry player has retailers rethinking their strategy. Amazon accounts for 6% of UK's online sales and are named as the UK's number 1 online retailer by IMRG. With so many delivery options from "same-day" to "deliver to locker", they are able to compensate in large measure for the fact that they cannot offer in-store collections.

Amazon's online marketplace has caused a major shift in retailing worldwide by continuing to mark customer satisfaction as their number one priority. With ever-increasing demands caused by online giants such as Amazon, how can retailers improve their delivery performance and fulfil customer expectations?

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“Delivery is still the single greatest inhibitor to conversion at a retailer’s checkout. It’s the number-one reason given for not purchasing, beyond price. So, to solve that and in the short-term you have a competitive advantage.”
Tom Allason Founder, Shutl
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  • The “Veruca Salt” syndrome

  • The impact of the “I want it now” attitude on delivery

  • Why this is a supply chain problem

  • Benefits of the Strategic Delivery Alliance (SDA) including: Capacity flexibility, cost control and improved delivery

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