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Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to join us at the Maginus User Conference.


We hope you enjoyed the opportunity to see some of the exciting new developments designed to ‘future-proof’ your IT investment along with thought-provoking topics from our customers and partners.


All the presentations from the day are available below, feel free to download and share the presentations with your colleagues who couldn't make it.


Once again, thank you for taking the time to join us on the day.


Best Regards,

The Maginus Team

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The Challenges of Cross Border Expansion - Paul Spinks, LuLu Guinness

Paul talks about his personal experience expanding into new markets, looking at key points to consider when taking businesses into new territories.

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Digital Transformation - Sean Donnelly, eConsultancy

Companies are increasingly embarking on programmes to digitally transform themselves in an effort to remain competitive. The aim of this presentation is to investigate the role that customer experience plays in encouraging organisations to update their high level strategy, technology, procedures and organisational structures.

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The Smeg Story - Simon Jarvis at Smeg

Smeg are currently undergoing a major business transformation project.  Simon will provide insight into how they’ve doubled the size of their business in the last 3 years, their plans for the future and how technology has helped them to deliver their business strategy.

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Improving the Delivery Experience for Customers - Vidya Murali, Head of Corporate, MetaPack

Drawing on research conducted by MetaPack and IMRG, Vidya discusses how you can focus on improving your delivery experience for your customers by addressing key issues and opportunities. The presentation features case studies showing how different companies have resolved these issues.

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Is today’s logistics infrastructure adequate to meet the challenges of our rapidly changing world? - Peter Ward – UK Warehousing Association

Peter takes a closer look at the changing demographics, consumer habits, their effect on logistics and assesses whether these challenges present a risk or opportunity.

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BI: A Customer Story - David Brown, Data Manager at Justerini & Brooks

How do you tackle complex reporting requirements with data coming from a myriad of different sources? In this presentation David explains the objectives of the Justerini & Brooks project, what they ultimately did and what they learnt during the process.  He also shares the business benefits they’ve realised.

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Maginus OMS - Plans for the Future

Maginus OMS is a real work horse, but our latest developments are turning it into something of a thoroughbred. In this presentation we explain our plans for the future and show some of the developments since the last customer event in 2015. Due to high demand we will also share new developments in Dream 3.6.

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Episerver - When Content & Commerce Combine

In this session we discuss the importance of high-quality content as an integral part of your eCommerce strategy. Discover some great examples of how content and commerce combined can improve your engagement and conversion rate online.

We also share the latest developments and roadmap for our eCommerce solution, built on Episerver.

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The New AX - Roadmap & Demo, Microsoft

Bringing together the best from Microsoft, The New Dynamics AX enables you to make smarter decisions, redesign business processes faster and fuel business growth.
In this session we discussed the exciting developments in the Roadmap and gave a demonstration of The New AX.

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Amazon: Friend or Foe?

Amazon has profoundly affected the eRetail industry, becoming one of the largest and most diverse online businesses in the world. Its impact on online retail (and soon to be) B2B sectors is greater now than ever before.

For many businesses, Amazon is simultaneously a sales channel, a partner, and a competitive threat. In this session, we discuss whether Amazon is a friend, foe or both?

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