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Integration Video: The Royal Mint Suppliers Award 2016 Submission

In 2015 The Royal Mint started a project to introduce a more robust integration platform to integrate a number of disparate web and 2 back office systems (Maginus OMS and Tropos). This was an important step towards the eventual goal of seamlessly swapping out OMS and Tropos for a single solution – project named ‘One Business System’, which is built on Microsoft Dynamics AX.

It was critical that the new integration platform was in place before the changeover as it would reduce risk and support a simple yet effective transition to the new One Business System, with no interruption to IT performance.


Maginus recommended that The Royal Mint implement a strategic Integration methodology using an Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) built on the iCore Platform.

In this video, Martin Pickering, eCommerce Director at Maginus explains why integration is crucial within today’s retail (and distribution) landscape. If done well, integration can provide your business with the flexibility to adapt and change as it grows - done badly and it will become a major barrier to growth.

Making a major change in IT Infrastructure is a huge project for any organisation, but at The Royal Mint we have a minimal margin for business disruption caused by IT change. During this project, the knowledge and experience of the Maginus staff has helped deliver a solution that meets our needs both now and the future. The fact that most customers and staff were unaware of the change and experienced little to no disruption is a good example of a successful project launch.
Mandeep Kaler Business Systems Manager
The integrated solution delivered by Maginus has de-risked the go-live of the One Business System, which is vital as we transition to the new architecture. We can already see the benefits in terms of reduced overheads, easier management and how it will support our future technology aspirations. As with previous projects we’ve worked on with Maginus, the Maginus team has shown a real understanding of our issues and requirements and have worked with us in partnership to deliver a successful project.
Tina Oakes Head of IT, The Royal Mint