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Episerver Breakfast Briefing: Making Sense of the User Journey


Venue: No.11 Cavendish Square, London, W1G 0AN

Date: Tuesday March 20th 2018


What is a user journey? And why is it important for the modern-day marketer?


A user journey in itself is a series of steps that a person goes through in order to accomplish a goal. As a marketer, this kind of insight can help you achieve your goal – like a customer demo request, or a product purchase – as quickly and easily as possible. It can also help you understand and address your customer’s needs and marketing processes that require tweaking.


However, getting to know the user journey is much more than this. It’s about nurturing the customer experience, rather than focusing on transactions. It’s about stepping into the customer’s shoes each phase of their interaction with your brand and making sure they are having the best possible experience throughout. It’s about making sure these customers return to your company the next time around.

But how can you make sense of all the data you collect, and how can you visualise the most relevant information to your business objectives? And how is this data actioned and applied to your customers’ journeys?


In our 2-hour breakfast workshop on the 20th of March, Episerver will help you better understand:

  • How to filter out the noise and focus on insights relevant to your customers’ journeys

  • How to act on visitors’ intelligence in a timely manner

  • How users’ journeys, and roadblocks to them, impact your conversions and retention rate


Episerver will also help you grasp the fundamentals of content tailoring and personalisation, and how to automatically present highly relevant and individualised experiences for every visitor, at every stage of the customer journey – a growingly important feature in today’s web content management.


Ready to hear more? See you on the 20th of March!


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Greg Moore

Manager for Personalization and Campaign Strategy, Episerver

David Knipe

Director of Solution Architecture, Episerver


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