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10 Steps to Compete with the Likes of Amazon on Delivery

Post Date: 25th August 2015

Amazon has once again raised the bar on fulfilment by bringing its ‘Prime Now’ one-hour delivery service to London. With many retailers – particularly those with an omnichannel operation – struggling to manage even same day delivery, this probably feels like a kick in the teeth.

But while fighting the e-tail giant can feel like a powerless struggle, in our latest animation we highlight 10 steps to create a Retail IT Solution that can compete with the likes of Amazon on delivery. 


Watch our latest animation:

Video Transcript

1. Delivery Matrix

The brain of the Maginus Solution is the delivery matrix: It understands the availability of product, a matrix of delivery options, delivery locations and addresses.  

2. Single View of Inventory

Know exactly what you have in each location, view and expedite orders to manage and minimise stock outs, allow intelligent algorithms to analyse available, allocated and on-order stock and recommend replenishment.  

3. Sales Forecasting by Location

Place the product as close to the point of demand as possible, our accurate sales forecasting model makes this easy.

4. Integration

Maginus utilises the iCore Integration Suite to enable a fast and flexible approach to integration.

5. Warehousing & Inventory Control

Our inventory management software makes it easy to locate inventory, improves picking accuracy and helps to get products out the door faster.

6. Pick, Pack & Logistics

Manage multi-company order orchestration through the one system: Maginus implements systems into complex logistic organisations providing solutions for pick, pack and despatch from one location for multiple companies.

7. Delivery Aggregation

Maginus has standard integration into the MetaPack platform providing businesses with the best and most efficient delivery experience by offering different carrier options based upon package size, geography and service.

8. Point of Sale

Through the terminal or mobile tablet, shop assistants have available to them the same complex functions the customer has throughout the website, or the call-centre operator has through CRM including delivery options and inventory visibility.

9. Business Intelligence

Maginus solutions collect a massive amount of valuable data – business intelligence and graphical representation of data, allows manager to explore data and turn it into information so that they can make better decisions.

10. Finance & Business Strategy

Having the IT solutions in place that allows accurate reporting of the financial reality of an organisation at the macro and micro level. Re-place and re-structure your organisation accordingly with agile systems. Maginus software solutions are designed to allow retail operations to make good on their promises, and to make wholesale and logistic companies end-to-end control of their order management and fulfilment processes.

To find out more about how we can help you, get in touch today.  


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