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Luxury Retail and Jewellery Software


From balancing stock levels against the fact products are low volume high value items to achieving high levels of customer care - running your luxury and jewellery stores can be challenging. But Maginus has the solutions to address these challenges – and more.

Luxury and jewellery retailers face a range of challenges:


  • Carrying an appropriate range of stock, bearing in mind that luxury goods and jewellery are often low volume items, but that particular seasonal events or fashion trends may lead to sudden peaks in demand

  • Delivering products both speedily and safely, with appropriate protection in place for fragile and high-value items

  • Achieving the high levels of care, support and satisfaction that customers expect when purchasing luxury goods – in particular offering personalisation and bespoke tailoring where relevant

  • Ensuring that online, mobile, and in-store sales are integrated to the same core system


Luxury Retail Customer Stories


Fortnum & Mason




Ernest Jones



Luxury Retail and Jewellery customers we've worked with:

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