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Automotive Aftermarket

Fast Ambition Driving the Automotive Aftermarket

The automotive aftermarket is going through some significant changes. The industry giants are driving greater demand for flexibility, choice and convenience. Find out how Maginus can help you stay ahead of the competition and provide a unified customer experience.

Download: Automotive Aftermarket Data Sheet

Building Supplies

Paving the way for Customer Service Excellence

In the complex building supplies industry, customer service, price and product availability are paramount. The challenge is to maximise margins whilst offering the highest levels of customer service. The answer – Maginus can help you create a fast and efficient fulfilment mechanism to deliver on your customer’s high expectations.

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Amazon Business is Cooking up a Storm in Catering

The catering industry’s never been tougher, as wholesalers aren’t just battling against their direct competition, the launch of Amazon Business now poses a significant threat to the industry. Find out how Maginus can help you stay ahead of the competition and provide a seamless customer experience.

Download: Catering Industry Data Sheet


Give Donors Something Back

Charitable causes such as mental health, animals, environment, religion, sports and culture compete in a crowded industry. Creating a reliable revenue stream means charities have to find innovative ways to diversify their income. In order to get your fair slice of the charity pie you must compete with the right technology solutions in place.


Maginus provide solutions that enable charities to integrate their online and physical sales channels to provide a unified customer experience. Charities Maginus has worked with include Traidcraft, The Boparan Charitable Trust and RSPB.

Download: Charities Data Sheet

Fine Wine, Spirits & Drinks

Cellaring & Selling in an Omnichannel World

We understand it can be tough to win in an industry where competition comes from every angle. This has never been truer than in the fragmented UK drinks market, where there are more than 2,675 businesses. Find out how Maginus can help you handle your unique processes and stay ahead of the competition.

Download: Fine Wine, Spirits & Drinks Distribution Data Sheet

Computers & Electricals

Stay Connected in Computers & Electricals

The electrical wholesale market is a highly competitive market. Rapid advances in technology result in ever-decreasing prices, and while customers might be prepared to pay a small premium for quality service, margins remain tight. Short product lifecycles create a constantly shifting competitive landscape with extremely small windows of opportunity. Maginus can provide specific functionality for selling technical and tight margin products, integrating this into a comprehensive sales and service environment that encompasses; sales, marketing, CRM, supply chain, logistics, financials and reporting.

Download: Electrical Wholesaler Industry Data Sheet


Fast Fashion is here to Stay

It’s an understatement to say that the fashion industry is ‘competitive’, and if the competition doesn’t kill you, then the customer might. They demand fast order fulfilment, a smooth returns process, choice and competitive prices. Discover how Maginus can help you stay ahead and ensure that your customer experience is comparable with that of the industry giants.

Download: Fashion & Apparel Industry Data Sheet

Homeware & Interiors

Furniture, Homewares & Interiors

It’s never been tougher for companies to join up their store, warehouse and online operations to provide customers with a seamless shopping experience. With increasing pressure to offer personalised and custom-made pieces with near “next-day” delivery, it can be hard to create the right balance between customer satisfaction and profit. Discover how Maginus can help you stay ahead in your industry.

Download: Furniture, Homewares & Interiors Data Sheet

Garden Centres

A Blooming Business in Gifts, Food, Fashion and more

It’s not just a bed of roses, running a garden centre - Garden Centres have to operate more like John Lewis than a flower shop. They are the new green department store, presenting a diverse product range; such as garden furniture, pet food, clothes, gifts, plants and flowers operating alongside hospitality; coffee shops and restaurants.


Add to this the digital-native of today is thirty-five, has two children and a garden. This consumer demands the same quality of service across whichever channel they choose. Maginus provides solutions that garden centres and outdoor businesses can use to integrate their online and physical sales channels to provide a unified customer experience.

Download: Garden Centres Data Sheet

Health & Beauty

Putting Your Best Face Forward

Operating in an industry where a wide range of products have to be sold across a wide range of channels can be challenging. Add to this, the health and beauty industry has a wealth of competition: Big players such as Proctor & Gamble, Johnson & Johnson, Unilever and Holland & Barratt, to name a few, dominate the industry. They have deep pockets to invest in both technology and comprehensive digital strategies. Making it harder for mid-market brands to keep up. But with Maginus, you don’t have to settle for second-rate solutions. Discover how our fully-integrated omnichannel solutions can help.

Download: Health & Beauty Industry Data Sheet

Wholesale Distribution

You don’t need to be Amazon, to sell like them

Amazon Business in the US has over 20 million products in 250 categories, and they have the UK B2B sector firmly in their sights. Whilst wholesalers can’t expect to compete on scale – they can compete in terms of offering the highly bespoke service and personalisation that the online giant does not. Discover how Maginus enables distributors to integrate their online and physical sales channels to provide a unified customer experience.  

Download: General Wholesale Industry Data Sheet


Omnichannel Solutions for the Gifting Industry

The gifting industry requires a range of well-organised and integrated sales channels. Fast order fulfilment is essential as is responding effectively to last minute demands for personalised products. Consumer behaviour demands flexibility, choice, convenience and competitive prices. Discover how, Maginus can help gifting businesses provide a truly omnichannel customer experience.

Download: Gifting Industry Data Sheet

Office Supplies

You can't be stationary in a fast-paced industry

We understand how difficult it can be to manage your office supplies business. It can be challenging to operate in an industry requiring effective cost control, with multiple product brands, and low product differentiation. What’s more, competition comes from every angle – supermarkets, convenience stores, and online giants such as Amazon. Your customers aren’t stationary – they demand eCommerce on-the-go, flexibility, choice and competitive prices. Maginus can help. We provide end-to-end omnichannel solutions to provide a seamless shopping experience. Making it easier for you to deliver on your promises wherever your customers choose to buy.

Download: Office Supplies Data Sheet

Omnichannel Retail

Shop the Brand, Not Just the Channel

The move from ‘Multichannel’ to ‘Omnichannel’ is becoming more prevalent in the new retail climate whereby customers shop the brand, not just the channel. With expectations and demands increasing all the time, what works in today’s world may not be what’s needed tomorrow.


Trust in Maginus to help you excel as a modern retailer. Discover how we can help you evolve to meet ever-changing demands, and flex through your growing pains, after all, we help new and established retailers alike.



Providing Perfectly Packaged Experiences

It’s never been tougher in the packaging industry, wholesalers aren’t just battling against the competition, but Alibaba and Amazon Business are coming to eat your lunch. Amazon Business currently lists over 150,000 packaging and shipping supplies online in the UK (August 2017). Clearly, Amazon’s entry into the UK B2B packaging market, will have a significant impact on wholesalers. A highly personalised service and the ability to deliver on your promises has never been more critical to your success. Download our data sheet to find out how Maginus can help packaging suppliers.

Download: Packaging Data Sheet


The Big P: Profit in Publishing

The rate of change in publishing is unprecedented and it’s difficult to keep up. The industry is undergoing a digital transformation with new technology allowing content to be instantly accessible and often free, making it challenging to profit in traditional publishing.


Maginus has extensive experience of working with B2C and B2B companies. Maginus has implemented back office ERP deployments at newspaper and magazine publisher, DC Thomson, and omnichannel bookseller, The Book People. Maginus provide fully integrated finance, resource planning and project management systems to help business stay ahead in an ever changing digital world.

Download: Publishing Data Sheet


Seamless Shopping, Simply Created

The pure-play online retailer has a distinct advantage over omnichannel businesses; they are able to react quickly to market demands, they have the ability to change prices and promotions with speed, and get on-trend and seasonal items retailing with agility. However, competition from the high street is getting fierce – with many retailers making significant investments in eCommerce with the aim of providing a truly omnichannel experience.


Trust in Maginus to help you through your growing pains, after all, we help new and established retailers alike. Discover how we can provider a seamless shopping experience – wherever your customers want to buy.

Download: PurePlay eCommerce Data Sheet


Don’t Let Systems Hold Your Services Business Back

It has never been more difficult to predict the future of the services sector in the UK. There is a dampening of confidence in British households, due to weak salary increases and the uncertainty surrounding Brexit. This inevitably passes pressure onto many businesses. In order to profit in this new world, invest in the right ERP technology so that your organisation can be monitored and resources planned.


Maginus provide fully-integrated finance, resource planning [ERP], business intelligence [BI] and project management systems to do just that.

Download: Services Data Sheet


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