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Electrical Business Software

From managing stock and orders across seasonal peaks and troughs to stocking a wide range of products each with a plethora of subsets and from tracking warranties to handling imports and exports - running your home electrical and appliance business can be challenging. But Maginus has the solutions to address these challenges – and more.

Home electrical and appliances businesses face a range of challenges:


  • Handling delivery and returns efficiently, particularly for large items such as fridges and washing machines, ensuring that multiple drop-offs and home addresses over long distances are catered for

  • Managing orders across seasonal peaks and troughs

  • Tracking warranties and offering the relevant support if a problem occurs within or outside the warranty period

  • Stocking and managing a wide range of products, in a range of styles, colours, sizes and configurations

  • Smoothly delivering to and handling communications with a range of distribution channels, including kitchen and interior design studios, electrical retailers, web retailers and department stores

  • Handling imports and exports, potentially of large items

  • Managing back to back orders with high levels of picking accuracy in the warehouse

Electrical Appliance customers we've worked with:


Computers & Electricals

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The electrical wholesale market is a highly competitive market. Rapid advances in technology result in ever-decreasing prices, and while customers might be prepared to pay a small premium for quality service, margins remain tight. Short product lifecycles create a constantly shifting competitive landscape with extremely small windows of opportunity. Maginus can provide specific functionality for selling technical and tight margin products, integrating this into a comprehensive sales and service environment that encompasses; sales, marketing, CRM, supply chain, logistics, financials and reporting.

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