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Health & Beauty Solutions

From managing products across a wide range of categories to managing safety guidelines for medicines and from managing warranties for electricals to integrating all product and sales information - running your health and beauty business can be challenging. Maginus has the solutions to address these challenges – and more.

Health and beauty retailers face a range of challenges:


  • Stocking, managing and delivering products across a wide range of categories, ensuring that seasonal demand for particular products such as sun cream are effectively catered for

  • Managing specific requirements for different products such as shelf life and safety guidelines for medicines and warranties for electrical items – and integrating all this information into the core sales process

  • Developing sales across a range of channels – online, mobile and instore

  • Delivering to a range of addresses and potentially with multiple drop-off points, with products

Health and Beauty Customer Stories



Health & Beauty customers we've worked with:

Health & Beauty

Putting Your Best Face Forward

Operating in an industry where a wide range of products have to be sold across a wide range of channels can be challenging. Add to this, the health and beauty industry has a wealth of competition: Big players such as Proctor & Gamble, Johnson & Johnson, Unilever and Holland & Barratt, to name a few, dominate the industry. They have deep pockets to invest in both technology and comprehensive digital strategies. Making it harder for mid-market brands to keep up. But with Maginus, you don’t have to settle for second-rate solutions. Discover how our fully-integrated omnichannel solutions can help.

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