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Gift Solutions

From personalised promotions to managing seasonal trends and trading peaks and from next day delivery to integrated sales channels - running gift store can be challenging. But Maginus has the solutions to address these challenges – and more.


Gifting businesses face a range of challenges:


  • Offering appropriate targeted promotions, segmented by customer to help purchasers find the perfect gift
  • Preparing for and responding to seasonality, ensuring that stock management, delivery and returns are able to handle peak periods such as Christmas and Easter
  • Managing shelf life, warranties and safety advice for items such as toys and electrical goods
  • Delivering products nationwide, with next day delivery for last minute purchases, smooth returns and replacement service for unwanted gifts, and the options of gift receipts
  • Offering a range of well-organised and integrated sales channels, including in-store, online and mobile

Gifting customers we've worked with:


Omnichannel Solutions for the Gifting Industry

The gifting industry requires a range of well-organised and integrated sales channels. Fast order fulfilment is essential as is responding effectively to last minute demands for personalised products. Consumer behaviour demands flexibility, choice, convenience and competitive prices. Discover how, Maginus can help gifting businesses provide a truly omnichannel customer experience.

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